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  • The Boy with Words for Skin
    430K 18.9K 33

    Samuel Brandt woke up with his thoughts written all over his body. His brother woke up with his head missing. His sister woke up to find that her skin would crack open unless she stayed in water. All of the other children in the secluded Iowa town of Oak Knoll woke up having undergone strange transformations. Now, the...

  • The Lost Prince
    212K 7.2K 26

    At the age of fourteen, Prince Merlin Ambrosius had fled his kingdom Nelthon due to an attack by Merlin's uncle, Gelmand, with his mother and his friend/knight. Nine years later, three if Merlin's knights come to Camelot seeking help. Will Arthur help them take back their kingdom? And if so, can Merlin do it without r...

  • When I'm Gone
    30.4K 645 9

    When Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order, Anakin and Rex share worry for her, not knowing if she's even alive. Later, they find out she's...