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  • My drawing book! (This is filled with shit ;-;)
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    So..... I made a drawing book XD Ive kinda always wanted to share my art with people, and I once upon a time had a Deviantart account, but my computer broke 😩 So here I am and I hope you enjoy! :3

  • pictures(not undertale or fandom)
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    I practice photographing. And I have a lot of other funny pictures, so I'm posting those in here, yay I guess?

  • 50 ways to say good bye continued
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    So basically if you read the first book you would understand I'm basically going off the ending to the first one

  • Dusty Nightmare's (A Continuation/Remake)
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    A Continuation / kinda a remake of Dusty Nightmare's by @balthazar5150

  • BeyondTale
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    It has been two months since the Monster Kingdom was released to the Human World. The humans are showing slow signs of acceptance but most importantly, Frisk has been accepted into a new family with Toriel and Asgore. (These are my story events and this is my Fanfiction. None of this is canon.)

  • Suddenly Human
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    Based off some (somewhat)human!squip hcs from tumblr (also the title is a reference to Little Shop) this is... prolly gonna end up being Jeremy/squip so you've been warned

  • Take me inside you forever (Be More Chill | Squip x Jeremy
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    Jeremy had already gotten rid of his squip. Or did he? (I just got in the fandom and this is my first story on wattpad. So yeah. Thx for reading <3)

  • Winter's Progression
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    Set after the theater disaster, the squip still roams Jeremy's head wanting nothing but attention, though Jeremy keeps this to himself. How will Jeremy cope with his day to day life under constant scrutiny of the squip, and what lasting effects will it leave? Art isn't mine! It's from "crazygalcomics" on instagram! Yo...

  • Hearts and Heroes | Blue's Path
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    After the team successfully defeated Dark and achieved to rescue Teal. They have finally settled in Mark's hub going on missions and saving people regularly. Without having to worry about any dark spirit or future ahead of them... Or so they thought. One day Blue and her group are given a mission that requires Mark's...

  • Right Hand Man (King Dice x Devil) || #WATTYS2019
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    After King Dice and the Devil lost the soul contracts to Cuphead and Mugman, they have to find a way to fix the Casino's reputation and their own. Thankfully, they're not alone... <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Cuphead belongs to Studio MDHR, I own nothing. This story is for entertainment purposes...

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  • NEWS
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    I will let you know a how my life goes... and some important updates.

  • Random art and updates
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    Mostly Art Feel free to leave your Oc or what you want for art!