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  • The NERD is the Mafia Empress[[COMPLETE]]
    2.3M 72.2K 68

    [Book 1] {Revising Soon} She's an Empress. She's a demon. She kills whoever crosses her path. In her whole existence, she's been with the darkness. Her whole life she carried too much burden, the pain, the misery, the emptiness and the eagerness to have the justice she had been longing and to know the truth behind of...

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  • His Gangster Princess
    19.9M 395K 64

    Completed [REVISING 4/55] READ AT YOUR OWN RISK || The new transferee, Adrienne Xyra Saavedra, never wanted to have a complicated life. She just want to forget her past and live her life as a cool gangster. But what will happen if fate never wants her to have a peaceful life but a complicated and adventurous one? Find...

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  • Kyuketsuki
    195K 4.1K 63

    Kyuketsuki Book Series: Book of Thief-Assassin Book of Thirteen Gods of Democratic Evil

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  • COLD is her middle name ...............I SWEAR!!!!!!!!(Book One)
    633K 10.3K 38

    Gianna Princess Thrice Williams,isang sophomore college student na bumalik ng Pilipinas para hanapin ang hustisya sa pagkamatay ng pamilya nya,But what comes next is unexpected,isang grupo ng babae ang magiging mga kaibigan nya,at ang mga iniwan nya sa four year stay nya sa England tracks her down.But One thing is ce...

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  • Gangster vs. Assassin
    4.5M 71.8K 49

    Hindi inaakala ni Xavier na may magbibigay sa kanya ng kasagutan tungkol sa kanyang nakaraan. Nakaraan na naging dahilan upang mabago ang buong buhay niya. Pero paano kung pagtagpuin sila nang isang Notorious Assassin sa iisang laro? Makakakaya niya kayang talunin ang isa sa mga pinakadelikadong tao sa buong mundo? O...

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  • Sinful Vengeance
    170K 3.3K 44

    He who suffers when all lights are off. She who seeks vengeance. Them who loved and pained. Being drowned in her sinful events and inhumanity, Cloud Heather struggled hard to fill herself with the need of taking her revenge with the very man who ruined her entire life. She has the perfect plans, she got the perfect...

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    4.8M 84.1K 64

    Panget, mahina, walang dulot sa school kundi isang taong kinokopyahan lang. Little did you know kaya ka nito sipain hanggang China HA! What if ang secret identity mabuking ng mortal enemy niya? Love is unexpected. Be warned.

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  • Demon Pretending Angel
    4.8M 85.7K 63

    The Second Book of 'Black Heart Demon Series'. This book will undergo the process of editing. The book is about the girl named Angelica Thaniel Cole-Gregory and Gabriel Willford.

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  • League Of The Broken Hearts
    490K 5.2K 88

    Kung sakaling bumaliktad ang mundo at mangibabaw ang mga babaeng gangsters, gugustuhin mo pa bang mabuhay sa mundong 'yan? Kung sakaling mabuhay ka.. Err.. malamang ang bagsak mo mental hospital na. XD Ito ang kwentong magpapa-sakit ng tyan n'yo kakatawa at mag-e-exercise ng mga pantog n'yo kakaihi sa kilig. Broken...

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  • Black Blood Academy: Kill Schneider
    234K 4.7K 33

    Sabi nila hindi raw pula ang kulay ng mga dugo ng mga nilalang na ekstra-ordinaryo. Itim. Itim raw ang dugo nila at hindi pula. This school has been the refuge of every mankind, both carrying a red blood and a 'black blood'. Sabi nila kapag nakakita ka ng itim na dugo, tumakbo ka na. Pero sa paaralang ito, makakata...

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  • The Life Of A Secret Agent In Full Force: Some Delicious Boundaries
    457K 8.4K 47

    Siya si Skylar Harcourt. Ang super sexy, super talino, super kiri, super mayabang at super sakit sa ulo na bounty hunter. Lahat na ng superlative, siya na yun. Isa nga siyang bounty hunter. Bounty hunter na naging bodyguard na naging myembro ng Mafia Force Panel na naging agent na naging wanted sa terorista. In sho...

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  • Ms. Nerds Black and White Revenge
    92.6K 2K 12


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  • the Nerd Is Engaged with Heartthrob Gangster Prince
    476K 6.9K 29


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    478K 3.3K 67

    another gangster story....

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  • Wicked Gangsters vs War Freaks[COMPLETED]
    40.8K 403 24

    It is about a group of young girls with a complicated lives.Half of their way in highschool, they will meet the problem they've never been into their lives. Will they be able to get over with this? Will the people around them will ever affect their frindship? Or their friendship will end in a manner they don't want it...

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    738K 12.1K 43

    Meet Zero, an unbeatable master gunman, a cold and unfeeling killer and a member of 5 pillars, a group in a dark organization. Most of her life was surrounded by violence, so she is quiet, asocial and uncaring. Until she meets Terrence, the son of the person she need to kill. Will she be able to finish her mission?

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  • Agents of LOVE.. (For Revision)
    40.4K 794 14

    She's married. She's pregnant. pero sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, minahal pa rin siya ng isang lalaki sa isla. What will this guy do, if he discover her real identity? Na hindi naman talaga siya buntis? Na isa pala siyang SECRET AGENT na nagpapanggap lang? ^__^ read more

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    121K 1.8K 24

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    3.3K 57 10

    PG13 Strongly Cautioned. - made by a friend of Pttysr. hehehe sorry Ptty. Peace tayo !

  • Complicated Life of the Gangster Princess [editing]
    373K 5.9K 32

    COMPLETED--EDITING: Si alysson. Isang normal girl sa labas. Ang hindi nila alam isa pala siyang gangster. At di lang basta gangster ha? GANGSTER PRINCESS. Hmmmmm. Ano kaya mangyayari?

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  • Never Mess Up With A Gangster (w/ Special Chapters)
    469K 6.9K 53

    **SLOWLY RE-EDITING** Naka-private ang special chapters. Fans lang ang pwedeng makabasa. :) About a gangster who can't move on from his ex-girlfriend and a girl who has a messed-up lovelife. What will happen if these two collide? Will they attract or repel?

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    66.3K 879 34

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  • My Bestfriend is a Gangster (Completed)
    1.2M 12.5K 49

    Enjoy reading! :)

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  • HEARTLESS (The Ice Maiden's Story) Book 3
    20.3K 372 12

    An ICE MAIDEN who changed because of a heartache… That GENTLEMAN from her past will help her forget… Just like what she did for him…

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  • The Camp: His Secret Agent Secretary (Book 1)
    4M 59.9K 52

    "Love always know how to understand. Love knows how to wait for the right time. Love can give you pain and happiness. Love can break you apart. But love also knows how to put hearts back together." I'm Paige Lawrence. I work for my family's secret organization, The Camp. I'm an agent. At katulad dati ay nakatanggap na...

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  • Her Guardian Gangster [Finished]
    341K 4.1K 47

    I'm his pet, utusan, alalay, alila and whatever you call it, for TWO MONTHS. Oh great! =___=

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  • Behind His Glasses
    4.8M 30.4K 31

    [rewritten] She is running away from a secret. He is living in her secret. [prev titled as My Nerdy Tutor]

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  • BOOK1: Accidentally Inlove With A Gangster [Published under Pop Fiction]
    56M 1M 99

    Now published under Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Books. P195, Taglish Part 1 Smart,good looking,sweet,gentleman,a man of a few words,simpleng pumorma,marunong maggitara,at mag motor.Yan ang mga qualities na hinahanap ni Gail sa isang guy.Pero paano kung sa hindi inaasahang pangyayari ay nahulog ang loob niya sa i...

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  • Class 3-C Has A Secret (Published under VIVA PSICOM)
    10.7M 169K 60


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