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  • Great Interracial Books
    230K 1.1K 39

    A book where my beautiful Black Queens ?????? could get great Popular and Unpopular book suggestions with no hassle ??‍♀️.

  • Being Big 1
    40.5K 2.2K 14

    the journey of a freshman in highschool who is a big girl. Charmed Jones is not just an ordinary girl. She likes fashion and can dress her butt off. She is also only 14 and over 230 lbs. She gets made fun of by kids at school, her mother, and her father, and other family members. Will she be able to survive high schoo...

  • Guess Who Grew Up
    532K 16.4K 24

    Hailey Sommers is a werewolf. But... her pack hates her. She is constantly picked on about her weight and her looks. The day before she turns 16, her mate (the soon-to-be-alpha) Hunter, rejects her. She can't bear the pain so she runs away. Soon, she comes across Half Moon territory and is attacked but she is saved a...

  • "Cant be a SIDEline FOREVER "
    248K 7.2K 38

    Bouncing ass on a pole , is what Ki'shay knows how to do best , other then being a side bitch but as she call it " our Nigga " . being 19 and living on her own , money , cars , shoes , clothes and only have her bff Cc to call family she thinks shes living the life . will Rodney A Drug king from the other side of ATL...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Redemption
    604K 3.6K 17

    Running away from your home isn't easy. Running away from your home because your mate rejected you is disastrous. Feeling she is doomed for life is the only thing that India knew. After getting a humiliating rejection, she was all set to live a life as a lonely, sad, cat lady who sews cute little sweaters for her kit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enforcing Boundaries (Book 1)
    9.1M 48.9K 7

    The wolves were never the most frightening thing in Margo's world. No, the most frightening thing had to be the people under the wolves' fur. Because it wasn't wild wolves who killed her parents, it was the wolf shifters who decided to turn her entire life upside down. And it wasn't wolves that declared war against h...

  • I'm NOT Your Bae!
    114K 5.4K 16

    "Let me make this shit very clear. We might be soulmates through werewolf shit, but I am NOT yours and I am NOT your bae! Okay? I am NOT your bae! I have gone through too much bullshit with you for one day which I don't want to go through ever again." Sometimes, their are things that just don't work together. Like Cok...