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  • Ten Days with You
    223K 7.9K 12

    A demon who was saved by a high school girl. A high school girl who was accompanied by a demon. For 10 days, the two will be together. For 10 nights, the two will be sleeping under the same roof. Read the whole story and see what is likely to happen between the two.

  • Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness
    86.5K 2.7K 14

    Percy Jackson fanfic. Percy is a mortal. Sally Jackson's boss has her working harder than ever. Consequently, Percy, a social outcast, is left at home with his rude, smelly, and occasionally abusive step father. What happens when things start to get out of hand? ( used to be called A New World)

  • The Dog Whisperer
    695 5 12

    Ever wondered what the future looks like? You don't wanna know. In the eyes of the outcast, society seems pretty stupid. After being rejected his whole life, Knox is having a hard time trusting anything, and all he is able to rely on is a computer program that helps him avoid the cops. But in this year of many worlds...

  • Parallel Binds [Kingdom Hearts Watty Awards--Parallel Universe/Canon]
    1.6K 47 16

    "I've been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real or not?" Dark's life is just like any other, dimly lit and full of danger. But when his world is twisted around, he must join strangers to venture to far off lands to find a "lost friend." Will he find his true feelings, or is his heart lost...

  • Sisters For the Summer
    178 4 5

    Birdy is a girl who hides behind her hat. Like many other kids, she desperately wants to go on a magical adventure. But unlike many she gets her wish, with one small problem... Samantha Williams. They travel from dimension to dimension and discover that even if it doesn't have wizards or aliens, that Earth is the most...

  • The Elementalists
    716K 32.3K 39

    At the age of seventeen, all humans with Elementalists blood undergo the transformation and become a full Elementalist. This brings forth your element along a change in eye color to signify your path into a new world. Astoria Elroy has always been a simple girl. She had no idea what destiny was planned for her when sh...