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  • The Muse of Literature (wattys2015)
    553 67 20

    The Muse of literature has written a book. You would be advised to read it. Her fangs drip ink and she will bite your mind. Time travel, demons, magic, love and heartache!

  • The Color of You
    251 22 1

    What if, the way you see the world you live in to is not how others see it? What if, everything you see around you is the same yet different from others? What if there's only black, white and grey in your world? Will you miss seeing colors? Or you will only be contented with what you already see? Matthew Chevalier, a...

  • The Princess and the Dragon
    45.1K 2.6K 9

    Rowan, the young daughter of the King and Queen, has always been different. She's not your typical princess. But it's not her fault, of course. She can't help that she is deaf, or that the castle's inhabitants always keep their distance. It's just the fact that she's friends with the dragon next door. Yes, dragon. Rok...