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  • Arttastic World 18
    152K 25.5K 202

    i was so close to leaving but here i am anyways

  • Arttastic World 13
    267K 41.1K 201

    cheers ill drink to that, bro

  • yikes(an art book)
    9.6K 1.8K 134

    oof man

  • Jay's designs 2
    31.8K 4.3K 200

    *whistles Gravity Falls theme* *stumbles into trash* I guess this is my life now

  • OC Ideas
    85 4 1

    Honestly if you wish to draw art for the OCs go ahead, I don't own you, but please show me the art, I love looking at peoples art so much.

  • My Drawing Book: Part 2
    35.8K 2.8K 123

    COVER DRAWN BY ME-COPYRIGHTED Excited everyone..? I know I am! XD Welcome to OTAKU-NATIONS new and improved drawing book :D

  • ~*Art Book*~
    34.1K 1.6K 201

    Do you even need a description? Yeah I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover But this time you can