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    "I fail to see how YOU fail to see that it's AWESOME!" What's awesome, you ask? The fact that I have Hiro X Reader one-shots up? Oh please. (*giggles*) Who can't love the young 14-year-old prodigy from Big Hero 6? This is the book where you get to see yourself doing stuff with this cute boy. What kind of stuff, you a...

  • Genes and Tech
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    The year is 2041. Four years have passed since Wilbur has stopped existing for an hour. 17 years old now, he helps his dad with the business and does a great job on testing the inventions Cornelius creates. Life goes well for him until the government comes to him and his father with an offer. Does he take it, or ris...

  • Hiro Hamada x Vanellope Von Schweetz~One Shots!!
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    They are the otp - - Just a bunch of Vaniro one-shots. Hope you enjoy~ - Please tell me what you think! I love to hear feedback! - Hiro Hamada & Vanellope Von Schweetz © Disney Cover © me - ((^Trust me, if I owned them, they'd be married and have four kids by now)) <3 Sid

  • Please Stay (BH6 Hiro Hamada x Reader) ON HOLD
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    You moved to San Fransokyo in the middle of summer. On your first day, you already had new friends and a group to sit with during lunch period. You're a straight A student and even though you've been in a relationship before, you still don't have time for boys. You've met so many guys in the past thanks to your childh...

  • Love Sick Melody (Hiro Hamada x Wilbur Robinson) (Wilbiro AU!)
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    Won't someone stop this song So I don't sing along Won't someone stop this song So I don't sing your Love Sick Melody It's gonna get the best of me tonight But you won't get to me If I don't sing {Love Sick Melody by Paramore} (WARNING: the final chapter of this story will be rated PG-13 for sex and language and this...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Vaniro One-Shot Collection
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    I have SO many one-shots that I figured I should post them all in one thing! None of these one-shots are related to the other. They're also on Fanfiction or Tumblr, but the ones here are proofread... most of the time ^.^ (Vanellope x Hiro for anyone unfamiliar with the ship name)

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    Vanellope was taken from her game five years ago when the Arcade was set on fire. She doesn't know if Ralph or any of her old friends are alive. She pickpockets strangers for cash, and lives in an abandoned alleyway in Sanfransokyo. One day, a certain kid genius befriends her and asks her to become a hero. Could they...

  • Big Hero Glitch
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    Vanellope Von Schweetz. Known as the Candy Princess in the shady alleys of Sacroshima. Pulling her away from that, her uncle Ralph moves them to San Fransokyo to change things, only to drag her into a bigger problem. With her friends kidnapped, and a supervillain on the loose, Van will have to turn to a team of superh...

  • Vaniro.
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    what happens when a glitch and a genius meet and fall in love??

  • The Gamer & The Glitch (Vaniro)
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    "Your My Hero," The tears fell like a waterfall and she began to glitch causing her crys to be distorted, "Could that simply be enough?" When Hiro trys to get rid of a virus in a video game system he accidentally causes Vanellope a character in a game to emerge into the real world. One she doesn't belong. As she reali...

  • Him (Hiro x Reader)
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    •DISCONTINUED• When 14 year old genius, [Y/N], moves to San Fransokyo and gets the one time chance to enter into SFIT... Of course she takes it! She makes new friends and maybe she's starting to develop a crush on a certain guy? But what happens if he doesn't like her back? what happens if he only likes her in a frien...

  • Life as a Game ~Hiro x Reader~
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    "We are all in the same game, we are just at different levels... and those at higher ones, have experienced more brutality than the lower ones... (Y/n) isn't wrong when she says I've played this game without her...But she isn't right when she claims I have changed for no reason. This is the game of life, it does stuff...

  • Running Royal Hiro X Reader
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    Ever since (Y/n) (L/n) entered school, things have been going crazy. One after the other, events catapult her and some new fellow friends into danger after danger. It's no secret she is a strange kid, she is the one attracting the attention! But hey, even a run away Royal needs their freedom! Running Royal Hiro X Read...

  • Hide Away Hiro x Reader
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    (Y/n) is different. So is Hiro. She has a secret to keep, He has a secret as well. She is threatened to never spill He is forced to never tell. Then they get tangled in each other's business. And that's when things get chaotic. (Y/n), a girl who Hiro thinks is almost certainly crazy, just so happened to move to San...

  • We're Both Geniuses (Hiro x Reader)
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    Your Honey-Lemons little sister. You were what most people would consider a 12 year-old genius. But what will happen when you go to SFIT and meet the imfomus Hiro Hamada? ~ I do not own anything Big Hero 6 related or you~ Enjoy!! \[^o^]/

  • It's a Long Road but it's Worth It
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    This is a series of one shots between the reader and Hiro Hamada. There are all af love, Obviously , and i hope you like, or LOVE my new story! Love you guys!!!

  • The Trickster (Hiro x Reader)
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    After the inccident at Krei Tech, Hiro thinks that everything will be back to normal. Or so he thought. A new girl arrives in Hiro's life. At the same time, a new villain rises with his evil plans. But beyond the Big Hero 6's knowing, San Fransokyo hides a bigger mystery. A mystery that will surely change their world...

  • A Cat Girl and a Boy? (Hiro X Reader)
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    {Y/N} x Hiro Hamada You were part cat, and part human. You never had a real owner, in your life. One day, it was raining. A boy with fluffy hair caught you in a glimpse, and took hold of you. He then started taking care of you, just like a owner would. Will you find love?

  • How I Met Him Hiro X Reader
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    For the first time, I’ll let you as the reader choose the story! How? With a choose your own adventure story of course! In this story, explore the many possibilities in San Fransokyo with Hiro Hamada! How did you meet? Where did it all begin? It is all up to you! How I Met Him Hiro x Reader

  • Through a Glass Screen (Hiro x Reader)
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    ~Welcome to my first x Reader and my first planned story! ~Do NOT read if you haven't seen Big Hero 6. ~I'll give it a proper bio later I promise

  • Hiro x Reader oneshots
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    Hiro Hamada x Reader oneshots - Request by messaging me x - copyrights to lavendeurs all rights reserved. disclaimer: I do not own the characters unless stated otherwise

  • The Nerd and the Know-it-all (Hiro x reader)
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    Everything was right with the world, you graduated at twelve years old, you were accepted into San Fransokyo's Institute of Technology, you even met the very awkward yet adorable Hiro Hamada after he broke your first robot. But if there's one thing you've learned, it's that tables turn and bad things happen. It's a li...

  • It's Like You & Me Against the World (Hiro x Reader)
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    Recently, my parents just died. My other relatives weren't available, so I had to move to San Fransokyo. Aunt Cass, or what she told me to call her, was one of my parents' best friends, so she volunteered to take me in if anything happened. There, I met Hiro and my whole world changed, negatively and positively. ...

  • ~Jealous~(A HIRO X READER)
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    Hi. I'm Hiro Hamada. I'm 15 now and live with my brother Tadashi. I found him a couple months ago. I am also in love with YN. She is perfect in every way. I write songs about her. She was my forever. I was going to tell her about my love toward her... Then I saw something horrible.

  • Hamada Brothers x Reader One Shots (Big Hero 6)
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like with the Hamada brothers? What it would be like to go to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, or the be a part of the renowned Big Hero 6? Or just what it would be like to hug a warm marshmallow? Well, you've come to the right place.

  • Kidnapped
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    This story is going to be a little scary. Hiro is in love with you, but you still cant forget about Tadashi. (Tadashi is dead in this story, Tsunami Drop!) And kidnappes you. Horrible things will happend. What will he do to you? Will you fell in love with Hiro? Will Hiro try ti kill you? Will you love Hiro or hate him...

  • My Friend Hiro
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    You are new to SanFransokyo and better yet your creative ideas saved your butt from school and you were fortunate enough to enroll in Stif aka "Nerd School" Hiro X reader Enjoy!! (Will Contain spoilers from the movie eventually not now but I'll let you know) Also this was dedicated to my friend sooo Happy Birthday!

  • Stuck (Hiro x Reader x Jack Frost ) Discontinued
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    After your boyfriend, Hiro Hamada, kicks you out of his home you meet Jack Frost. He takes you in and takes care of you but what happens when you reencounter Hiro? Will you fall for him once again? Will you stay with Jack Frost? Or will you decide to stay alone? Disclaimer: I do not own ROTG or BH6. I do not own the o...

  • Hiro Hamada x Reader {The possession}
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    Hiro misses Tadashi, but he never wanted him to comeback back like this. I don't own

  • Shut Up and Dance (Hiro Hamada x reader one-shots)
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    Hi crushers!! Since a bunch of people have been doing this I wanted to try to write my own set of one shots. Requests are open!! Oh, and don't forget that you both will always be 14 or younger in the scenerios.Please keep in mind and have fun reading !!!!!!