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  • Star Wars Rebels Roleplay
    33.9K 252 14

    Title speaks for itself- OC's allowed, non-lits are welcomed. More in the Rules and Forum pages. honestly I just whipped this up because I'm too lazy to jump into an old rp if you know me, don't ask

  • Star Wars Rebels: Lyra's P.O.V
    4.7K 163 17

    This is a fanficton of Star Wars Rebel taking a different view from a character named Lyra. Lyra is a fourteen year old girl who has been on her own since she was five and had help over the years with surviving. Lyra as many secrets. Secrets a fourteen year old shoulden't have but to protect the ones she loves she has...

  • My world Beyond being a slave (#wattys2017)
    12K 457 14

    Ezra is a young child who is a slave At the age of fourteen he was going to be sold He was bought but a group of people and their Droid

  • A New Beginning (On Hold)
    6.9K 291 6

    On a search for some supplies, Kanan finds a little boy in trouble. Once the kid is fine, he notices something. What will he do? AU.

  • Bridger boy
    2.9K 140 5

  • Star Wars Rebels, Ezra's Force Journal [Complete]
    34.2K 986 14

    This is a story about when the Rebels crew finds and watches Ezra's video entries. What will the crew find out about their crew member? If Ezra finds out, will he ever be able to trust the crew again? How long has Ezra been using the force without knowing and how strong is he? Whelp, you will just have to read to find...

  • Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger Story: Alternated
    14.3K 550 10

    What would happen if Kanan found a five year old Ezra right after his parents were taken away? In this story, Kanan takes the child in and accidentally raises him like a son. What if Ezra begins to see Kanan as a father instead of care giver? How will Kanan react? And what if all of this happens before. Hera asks Ka...

  • That's what I'm afraid of
    5K 265 5

    {SWR fanfic} [In dedication of Season 2] "I'm not afraid." "That's what I'm afraid of." The rebels are back. But as Vader is on the hunt for Ezra the rebels find something of Ezra's past and as they turn to their youngest member. They find the truth of his past and of his future. ~Note I don't own SWR~

  • Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Fear
    26.3K 1K 18

    As Ezra grows as a member of the Ghost, he starts having weird dreams about his parents. Are they still alive somehow? Also what happens to Ezra when he goes to the Dark Side? Book 1 of 3 (The following is a fan-based work from Star Wars Rebels. Anything in this book that doesn't follow the storyline of Star Wars Rebe...

  • Into the Unknown: A Star Wars Rebels Fanfiction
    112K 4.6K 39

    Sparks Hertla was a normal girl from the Haldeen sector. She has trained for a long time for the Galactic Empire to be accepted to the Cadet Academy. When she arrives, she meets a boy named Dev Morgan, who trains in the Academy with her. Soon Sparks and Dev become friends, but Spark learns theirs more to Dev than she...