SteSmith's Reading List

  • How to become popular
    70.4K 1.1K

    Have you always wondered how some girls became so popular? Anny wonders about that as well. So she started to make this list how to become popular...

  • I'm Sorry
    2.8K 67

    Ian trying to get Amy back after the 39 clues is over. Will she give in?

  • Double Life: How Far Would You Go To Save Your Friends?
    284 6

    Sharon Moore or StarShine living a double life. This storie is different. It's about choice in her life and how she do for survive this world. Sharon is sixtee...

  • Accused
    280 15

    Cara Fischer. Accused of murder. Murdering one of the wealthiest politicans in London. Nobody believes that she wasn't responsible for his death. Except for Fl...

  • Fallen Allegiance
    • tyrells
    • 32 Parts
    • Updated 3 months ago
    686K 8.4K

    [OLD VERSION] [NOT EDITED] Morgana was satisfied living her normal life on Earth, until one night she was pulled into a parallel universe. Surrounded by strang...

  • Cyber Love
    3.4K 104

    I can’t! I just can’t! I’m walking up and down in my room with the telephone in my hand, ready to phone someone. I mean not just someone, someone special: Dar...

  • Supreme Team, Rise of Pyro Flame
    9.3K 808

    The novel is the story of a young man, Jamie Lee, and his friends. They live in northeast England and seem typical of late-teen or early-twenty-somethings who...