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  • Beta
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    David Anderson was just a normal high school outcast. He didn't have many friends, constantly alone, and is bullied by his classmates. But when Derek Hale the Alpha werewolf offers him the bite, David can't help but say yes, without thinking of the consequences. Set in Season 2 of Teen Wolf

  • Everything Wrong With Teen Wolf Fanfics
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    Where I talk about a lot of things I hate about Teen Wolf fan fictions. And don't worry I'll be Criticizing myself and my story's as well. Story reviews, just pet peeves, and overused story plots.

  • Stilinski
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    Leaving Beacon Hills wasn't as hard as Stiles had thought. Putting the Supernatural behind him opened up a whole new chapter in Stiles life. But he wouldn't of imagined this new life would be as bloody as the first. As he is put in the CIA's brand new division, which turns him into an effective weapon against any enem...

  • Teen Hunter: Monster
    14.6K 419 10

    Chris Argent II is still recovering from the death of his sister when a whole new whirl of supernatural events shakes the town of Beacon Hills. As professional Hunters are offered money to kill every supernatural in the town and an aunt comes to pay a unwanted visit. Can Chris keep all of his friends alive and stop an...

  • Teen Hunter: The Darkness Within
    49.6K 1.2K 28

    (Book 2 of Teen Hunter) (COMPLETE) Chris Argent Jr. Is no longer the happy teenage boy he was when he first moved into beacon hills. He's no longer a Hunter he's the White Wolf. Which puts a high number on his head. An Alpha pack wants him to join them, Demons want to kill him, and a spirit wants to control someone he...

  • Teen Hunter
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    (Complete) Christopher Argent Jr is the older twin brother of Allison Argent. Teenage boy struggling through high school by day and the best of the best of hunters at night. But when his friend gets bit and an alpha starts killing people his loyalty is split. What will he choose? Pack or family