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  • Voicemails to Will
    45.6K 4.6K 23

    She left him twenty-four voicemails, but he stopped answering months ago. [extended summary inside]

  • Isabella & Levi | ✓
    547K 23.9K 24

    When Levi Schultz finds his long time crush Isabella Frost sobbing at a local diner, he does the only thing he can and tries to piece her broken heart back together.

  • The Last Dance | ✓
    3.2K 267 1

    You are dictators, tyrants, despots, narrating my dreams even as I sleep. You instill opinions and thoughts into my brain and make me think they are my own. That is who you are. [formerly, the night before]

  • The Undoing of Kira Nakata
    84K 6.8K 14

    The beautiful die young.