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  • The Killing Dance (Snow White and the Seven Reapers)
    3.4M 86.3K 71

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. "Sleep with one eye open, honey. Your time has come..." - Andrea Montenegro Book cover made by @Lena0209 Note: This is a rough draft. Copyright © 2021 by Author Tricia de Guzman aka prinsesa_icia. All rights reserved Story started: June 2014

  • Apostle Thirteen: The Return of the Queen
    10.9M 210K 75

    The Queen is back! One year has passed since Lyra regain her memories as Bloody Maria and she will do whatever it takes para bawiin ang lahat ng nawala sa kanya. But things wouldnt be easy as before as the Apostles started to reveal theirselves including Ophiuchus. Will she be ready to welcome again the Hell? Book two...

    Completed   Mature
  • Purple-Eyed Princess (Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    23.6M 563K 51

    A girl that has a lot of names.The lady with different faces and a gangster known for ages.She's calm,fearless and ABNORMAL?! What will happen if the 'purple-eyed' girl meet the 'one of a kind' boy?Will SHE love his 'stupidity' or HE will fall in her 'abnormality'?