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  • Seducer Series 1: Theseus Montenegro
    757K 16.8K 28

    SPG Theseus Montenegro is a serious man. Puro business lang laman ng kanyang utak. Hindi mo sya makikitang may kasamang babae, he didnt go to a date. Business is always his first priority. In other words hindi sya katulad ng mga kaibigan nya na puro babae ang inaatupag. Pero hindi ibig sabihin non ay wala na syang sex...

    Completed   Mature
  • A night with Mr. Padilla (STOP)
    45.5K 232 7

    What i'm going to do with MR. PADILLA?! 13 and below are not allowed to read this.

  • KathNiel: SPG Oneshots
    108K 243 6

  • Fire with the Boss
    186K 1.2K 15

    Date Posted: May 6, 2015. Date finished: --------------------

  • Beschmutze
    63.1K 424 6

    Drabbles showing a wilder [sexier] side to KathNiel; Chapters aim to coincide with their real life events. (Strong mature content.)

  • My Green Minded Boyfriend (Kathniel)
    1.5M 9.2K 26

    This Story Is About Kathniel , That JEREMY Is A bad ChickBoy ! haha . Just Read so you Know The Whole Story .

  • My crush on alpha Daniel
    5.9M 150K 41

    Ashley Perkins has had a crush on the Alpha of her pack, Daniel, since her ninth grade year. She especially knew she wanted to be with him after her mate rejected her. Is it just a crush or something more? Will Daniel want her the same?

  • Spg (kathniel)
    61.6K 262 1

  • one shot (SPG) Kathniel
    251K 1K 2

    Bashin nyo po tnxs :-):-*:-*

  • One Shot Stories (Kathniel SPG)
    216K 1.2K 1

    Sari-saring mga kwento ng Kathniel SPG's.

  • Kathniel(sex time)
    92.2K 434 1

    theyblike to sex? veryday like thhere no tommorow

  • Omyyygosh (spg) (kathniel)
    49.2K 195 1

    Ey guys! Please read the story!! Open minded ang allowed dito okay? Walang age limits.. And sorry sa mga typo..

  • Cassanova's Personal Assistant?
    610 9 3

    Cassanova? Me? As in ako ang napili niya with all of the girls sa mundo? copyrights all rights reserved.

  • Abusive Much? [KathNiel]
    62.2K 810 10

    He hits me. He yells at me. He says hurtful things. When will someone help me from this relationship. I can't do this anymore. This story is only for ages 17 and above. Read at your own risk.

    183K 3.9K 27

    My name is Daniel Padilla, and i'm proudly to say this, that his Daddy is a Casanova ...

  • My Husband is a Fucker
    86.9K 441 9

    Meet Eliza Cindy Wards, a simple girl who dreamed of a happy life pero dahil sa isang di inaasahang panyayare...nabuntis sya ng isang lalaking di nya kilala, at na-arrange marriage pa sya, magula ba? sobra!

  • The Little SECRET (KathNiel Short Story)
    34.9K 342 5

    Some secrets were meant to remain a secret. Are Kathryn and Daniel's Little Secret one of those? (Artista ang KathNiel dito.)