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  • War of Love {Sequel to Family War}
    18.4K 1.2K 30

    After giving up the love of his life, David Morris had closed of the idea of ever falling in love again, that is until he met Monique. She reminded him so much about her, but would he be able to look past that and fall in love once again?. "I'm not Michelle, David. I'm never gonna be Michelle so it's either me or her"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Family
    5.4M 124K 46

    "Don't ever leave me again" With age comes responsibility, some comes sooner than for others. Being in a family filled with drugs and murder it's only normal to follow in the footsteps of those before you. With old beefs growing more and more deadly the family is more divided then ever. Everything comes at a cost and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Street Ties
    5M 133K 42

    Book Four, must read books 1-3 "It's all bout who you know, street ties mean everything love" Ajani Powell now Fourteen was raised in Jamaica with her younger brother very aware of her father and her families street life but she preferred to keep to herself spending time studying and keeping her brother in check. Bein...

    Completed   Mature
  • Men Who Sin
    4.7M 141K 41

    Book Three Don't Read if you haven't read the first two books or you won't understand. "I'm a sinner baby, so are you and that's why I love you" With Ohaji sentenced to prison and Jade & Silas done with the game for good it's up to there children to keep the legacy alive but hustling doesn't come easy. Al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Watch The Throne (Urban)
    4.6M 174K 46

    Sequel to Blood Line. "I love you more than Ive ever loved something and as much as it hurts to say goodbye, I have to because you deserve better than this" Alijah Scott, the fifteen year old daughter of Jade and Ivory has been living under the radar with Silas,her "Father". Unknown to Silas is the fact that Ivory sur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Line (Urban)
    7M 239K 47

    "This was suppose to be easy, nobody was suppose to get hurt". Twenty year old Ivory Santana was what most people would call friendly and caring. She'd be the person you'd least expect to have a father running one of the biggest drug trafficking industry's in America. Ivory has went through great measures keeping...

    Completed   Mature
  • More Than Friends
    3.2M 195K 100

    Odell and Kenya have been best friends throughout college. As graduation approaches and both their lives are set to change, they evaluate whether they should be more than friends.

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped
    1.3M 34.9K 53

    "I don't like him." I murmur against his lips. "It's only ever been you, Noah." He continues to kiss me, his hand now caressing my cheek gently. "He's just a friend." I murmur again. He suddenly stops and looks up at me. "Good." He says, as he stares into my eyes. "Because no one can have you. You are mine." ***...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lies And Betrayal
    2.4K 140 29

    This book is about a girl name Faith who meets a THUG name Dee she not really looking for a relationship with anyone but can Dee change that read to find out

  • The Undercover Assassin (August Alsina)❤ Completed❤
    71K 3K 46

    18yr old 'Gabriella migrate from Jamaica when her drug lord father died And become an assasin.... her boss fish gave her an job to be personal assistant to very known business man / thug august alsina ..............

    Completed   Mature
  • Love of War (august alsina love story)
    2.3M 67.6K 79

    Michelle new girl in town and already she getting into some she has no clue about. joining a world that only one guy can keep her save in.. She following her dad foot steps with out even knowing

  • Love into war (august alsina story)
    279K 6.4K 19

    They back ... Honey and August !!! Now married many bumps going come in the road. Will they fail or will death do them part!

  • Love nd war (august alsina sequel)
    1.1M 30.2K 59

    Michelle is now a grown woman.. She's her own woman with a huge career. he past soon to catch up with her and she just can't get away.. Jus as she seem to have it all worked out a memory comes back ..( love of war squeal)

  • Thug next door
    133K 3.7K 24

    Started as friends and end up lovers will drama occur and will they stay together thru everything stay tuned

  • Rider 3 : ATLANTA (august alsina)
    3.6M 104K 61

    The one will have you in a world spin! this will the breaking point of it all! All new crew! All new drama! Whole new city! Many changes ... Can nicki still ride or will she give in

  • Rider 2 (august alsina)
    5.1M 146K 72

    Part 2 of my award winning Oscar winning novel having gold star giving good ass book rider !! If u haven't read it please go do cause u will be lost in this one .. Love y'all QUEENSH¡T PRODUCTION

  • Rider (august alsina story)
    10.4M 324K 85

    Nicki is a girl that went through SOO much in life and now the odds are in her favor when she meets some that's going to give her that love she always been missing and in return she becomes his rider (August Alsina story) ENJOY:) DO NOT COPY WRITE !! This is the original RIDER!!!!

  • RiDeR 4 : Th3 Fînãł
    3.6M 95K 74

    Nicki and august back at it again , love going stronger. Family values are now becoming the new reality. But lies, secrets and relationships will be torn .. Tune in for RIDER 4 QUEENSH¡T PRODUCTION

  • RIDER 5 (august alsina)
    2.1M 61.6K 47

    Rider is now back!!!! For another round, this time ... The players change but the game remains the same !!!!

  • RIDER 7:Pimpin ain't easy august alsina)
    876K 25.9K 30

    Pimping ain't easy

  • RIDER VI : august alsina series
    2.1M 51.8K 46

    Many questions was left unanswered in rider 5 !!! This book will answer many questions but lead you on to wanting more... Rider continues ..... This is RIDER VI