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  • Fernandes of Fairy Tail | jerza
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    ❝When life gives you lemons, bake a strawberry cake.❞ HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Jerza jellal of fairy tail | comedy | jerza

  • Fairy Tail: Prisoners [A JeRza FanFiction]
    7.7K 313 5

    Long ago, in the land of Fiore, the war of Guilds took place. Each Kingdom was on it's on in the beginning, fighting to dominate and capture other Kingdoms. Then, slowly, alliances started to form. Friends conquered foe together; becoming victorious in battle. However, the alliances quickly turned into betrayal...

  • The Sealed Fate {A Jerza love story}
    24.2K 896 21

    He loves her dearly and she does too. But his sins and his duty always tears them apart. But what happens when they work together for a mission. Will this be the thing that bring them together. Author's Note : I don't own Fairy Tail and Its characters. Pairings Jellal x Erza I edited a few stuff READ AND ENJOY

  • Scarlet of Sorcière | jerza
    184K 8.6K 43

    ❝I loved you when you were unlovable.❞ Highest Ranking: #1 in Jerza erza of crime sorcière | fairy tail | jerza

  • Jerza Jellal x Erza
    52.9K 1.5K 14

    Erza Scarlet a normal student... Ok no Erza Scarlet not so normal student actually a former delinquent leader. She has a tough past and wishes to retry her school life so changes school but that doesn't work out so well. She meets a player that goes on her nerves. What will happen with her and the player?

  • Destined (Jerza Fanfiction)
    81.3K 2.4K 23

    Titania - a portrayal of strength, beauty, and independence. Fiore has always seen her as one of the toughest, yet no one has ever noticed her longing for something - or someone. Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail. All the characters belong to their respective owner. [Not edited, read at your own risk]

  • The Assassin | Fairy Tail - Jerza Fanfic |
    51.3K 1.8K 13

    Erza Scarlet is a high class assassin in Fiore. She's completed hundreds of assignments, and will blow out the light of your life in a heartbeat. She has taken away many lives and Jellal is next on the list. She's been consumed by evil for as long as she can remember. Jellal Fernandes is a regular college student, who...

  • Jerza One-shots
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