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  • Jade Palmer and the Sphere of Antiquity
    113 4 2

    Set in modern day New Orleans, innocent, young, and socially awkward Jade Palmer finds herself thrust back in time to the freewheeling and exuberant days of the Roaring Twenties when she accidentally activates an ancient piece of time traveling technology. A whirlwind of life-changing adventures begin when her not-so...

  • Wyrmrot
    142K 9.1K 66

    After scientists create real-life Dragons, the Wyrmrot parasite is unleashed. Zelda must survive the zombie apocalypse, because the rest of her family didn't. ***** When scientists brought dragons to life, people flocked to see them, including Zelda...

  • Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom
    32.6K 3.3K 49

    One girl. Two cats. A world full of adventure. Abbernathy Tells is a twelve year old girl who prefers the companionship of her two cats and a dying tree over others her age. When a horrible tragedy strikes on her thirteenth birthday, robbing her of everything she holds dear, Abby is thrust into a world of walkin...