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  • Savage
    3.3K 313 31

    Shailene Haynesworth was just an ordinary girl with a simple life, until Andrew Broker came into her life. But, who is he really? She got in way to deeply involved in his life until she realized that she was not living such a simple life anymore. Slowly being lured in to be kidnapped by Andrew's brother, also Shailene...

  • Mysterious Man
    255K 210 1

    Kids will be kids, they said. They said, friends protect friends; love always wins--let nature take it's course. To let this boy and girl be torn apart by life's cruel intentions as they grow up or take the path unseen. Ultimately a choice only known to those involved. And you maybe, too? Stay tuned to find out! ...

  • Say My Name [ Teacher-Student Romance -- Robert Downey Jr ]
    316K 11.3K 92

    He was her mothers coworker. Then he was her superior. He was a friend when there were none. He was a comforting ear, a shoulder to lean on when all she saw was the terrors of assault. And over slow time, as natural as anything, she was his rock, too. Both brandishing troubling issues thanks to their dark pasts, each...