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  • I Was Saved... by the Jerkface
    503K 10.4K 45

    Annabelle Gerald gets attacked by a mugger on her way home in New York City. The last thing she was expecting was to be saved... by a complete jerk! Don't get her wrong, Blake is totally gorgeous, but with an attitude to match. He never lets a chance pass him by to drive Annabelle up the wall. But that will all change...

  • Illegal My Ass
    31.9M 759K 52

    Mia Hastings was never one to follow the rules. Her brother knew it, her best friend knew it. Everyone knew it. She lives for the moment, doing whatever she feels and thinking of the consequences later. Her main goal in life is to live it. Mia’s brother’s best friend Drake O’Connell was never big on rules. The judge...

    Completed   Mature
  • Supernova
    113K 2.1K 78

    Revisited book (edited & finishing) *** Sanae Salvador is your average girl, until she discovers there's more to her life than meets the eye. First of, she's a werewolf. Simple way to put it. Secondly, her mother was killed by a rogue hunter, who plans to track down and take over every pack. And lastly, well, her...

  • The Wayward Mate
    641K 29.9K 29

    They say one mistake can change your life; I’d never realised how true this was until it applied to me. I live in a world filled with violence, grief and death; a world where one wrong move, one mistake will get me and my family killed. I am the most wanted person in the Werewolf world. Why? I kill for a living, teari...

    Completed   Mature
  • Royally Rejected
    614K 13.5K 22

    What else can happen to Rejected Princess. Read and find out.

  • The Boy Who Sleeps On My Bedroom Floor
    4.7M 31.9K 29

    As far back as they can remember, Emi and Luke have been best friends. However, things start to go down hill after a month of separation and a shock confession from Luke leaves Emi confused. Emotions run high, tension is thick in the air and to top it all off, there's a new boy in town. How will the trio deal the issu...

    10.4M 78K 55

    Gianna is beautiful, popular and she hates her life. After her mom remarries, she has to deal with a new stepbrother. Caleb is a 'bad boy' and goes from one girl to the next. He's intrigued by his new stepsister and is determined to find out more about her. He begins to challenge her in ways that she has been afra...

  • Silent Beauty
    2.4M 25K 31

    Ally Sanders is the loner and freak of her high school. She refuses to talk to anybody, so people make fun of her. She almost always wears her hood to hide the bruises her father gives her and this just gives her immature classmates more reason to point and stare. She's all alone in the world, but will the new boy cha...

  • Unexpected Mates
    3.6M 16.2K 5

    'I watch his slow gaze travel over all of us until it settles on me. I also watch as his pupils dilate and his lips pull back, exposing his teeth as he growls out "Mine!" I don't even have time to process what he said before the table he's sitting behind flies to the side and he lunges forward. Jamie pushes me to...

  • Boarding School For Wolves
    9.5M 140K 45

  • Nightshade
    11.2K 501 6

    Ashlyn Grey is a werewolf who isn't exactly house trained. More wolf than human, she can't control her primal instincts and that is exactly why she is being sent to Nightshade Academy, a boarding school for those who can't coincide with humans, yet. There, she'll come face to face with others of her kind, not her kind...

  • My Wattpad Love✔️
    48.7M 1.5M 34

    Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addicted to it and even starts posting her own stories. But are friends, fans and votes all she will get from this site? Or is it possible to find love as well?

  • Destined With You
    5.2M 122K 40

    Rose Addams was born to be a fighter. She grew up to become the strongest boxer. But after the death of her father she gives it all up. All her time is now consumed with studies and taking care of her little brother since her own mother seems to never be around. Her friends try to take her out to parties, anything t...