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  • Number Two Plus One (Souma Kukai x Reader)
    15.4K 422 9

    Sequel to Number One (Sohma Kukai x Reaader)!

  • Number One (Souma Kukai x Reader)
    41.5K 1.2K 20

    So! Hi! This is in my old account PegasusGirl or something. I don't remember my password for that one so I made a new one. Here!

  • They're Real (a shugo chara , Inuyasha ,and Mystery fanfic) completed
    63.7K 2.3K 48

    (Info on the animes in here) I was supposed to go to California to live with my last known relative because all of the people I had loved died in a deadly car wreck. I was the only one to survive. When I woke up on the plane, I was in Japan! I found a map and three things caught my attention; the Higurashi shrine, Ora...

  • Amuto love story
    1.9K 38 1

    Amu meets Ikuto again after 4 years and he has a surprise for her

  • Continuing of Shugo Chara
    9K 385 16

    Hey guys if you want Amu and Tadase to stay together then I wouldn't read this because it's all about Amuto, and I am making a fan-fiction about this because I been reading a lot of fan-fiction and its bugging me how they are not getting the personality right so hope you like it..

  • My life as a Shadow (Shugo Chara: Ikuto Love Story)
    1.3K 41 2

    Kurai is the only girl in the Souma house...enter Ikuto: the world goes downhill...follow Kurai on her journey with everyone. Ikuto x OC

  • Shugo Chara :)
    27.9K 382 8

    Amu has finally found the right guy for her, but temptation is just around the corner. Now she has to choose between the sweet and shy Tadase or the sexy and bad Ikuto. Read on to find out.

  • {Shugo Chara} Amu's twin.
    66.2K 2.1K 25

    Amu has at twin named Ayami, and together they follow a path of finding out their dreams! This is a Shugo chara fanfiction, and I do NOT own Shugo Chara. Even though I would like too XD The updates are pretty slow, sorry!

  • After Shugo Chara
    196 13 3

    Shugo Chara is done! So I'm gonna make my own. This time they're in highschool. Well, exept for Yaya Rikka and Hikaru. ENJOY!!!

  • shugo chara-fan fic (on hold)
    9.7K 272 13

    a continuing story of shugo chara hope you guys like it I'm new here and I have a few stories out -------------------------------------- Amu is all alone her friends left. one day she is surprised by Ikuto, she and him do lots of things. Will amu fall in love with him even better will Amu be willing to love him as mor...

  • Shugo Chara One-Shots
    12.7K 278 12

    Like the title says this is gonna be a list of one shots -Cover made by @7Panda7-

  • Long Lost Sister (Shugo Chara Fanfic)
    11.3K 320 8

    Grace Tsukiyomi is a normal girl...until her world turns upside down. She lost her memories and her family but luckily not her shugo charas. Now she attends a school called 'Seiyo Academy'. What happens when two specific people recognise her but she doesn't recognise them? How will she cope without her memories? What...

  • My Life With Eggs? (A Shugo Chara Fan-Fiction)
    10.1K 228 10

    Celesti is a girl with a secret. Her and her brother are the ones who know. They have eggs. Eggs with characters. But when they attend Seiyo Academy, their secret turns into something bigger. Are they prepared? (I DO NOT OWN SHUGO CHARA, JUST MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS...)

  • Character Change!
    4.5K 293 13

    Another AmuTo story for All Amuto fans~! Please enjoy ^_^

  • Shugo Chara: Truth or Dare
    11.1K 263 21

    I was bored because nobody would update so I decided to make a new book. I deleted my previous book because it wasn't really read by so much people. But it was the same topic. So please comment and ask the guardians or anybody so I can update the story.

  • After Shugo Chara! Dokki! Dokki!
    8.5K 187 10

    This is after the anime Shugo Chara! Dokki Dokki! TADAMU!

  • My True Self (Shugo Chara FanFic)
    32.3K 1K 16

    Hai! My name is Hiromi Nakahara, I'm 14 years old. My mom owns the famous shop 'Violá' on Paris. I'vent had a friend since dad left us. When dad left, my mom started to gave me all of her attention. You are probably saying 'that's good!..right?'. it's not good. My mom took me away to Paris, there she beca...

  • Number One Plus Two (Sequel of Number One (Souma Kukai x reader)
    4.6K 188 10

    Here is the sequel you guys. It's not summer but I couldn't contain my excitement that you guys like the last story so well.

  • Stuck in the Manga: Shugo Chara
    25.4K 1K 19

    {WARNING: COMES TO A SUDDEN AND FAST END THAT MAKES NO SENSE, PROCEED WITH CAUTION} Freedom comes at a price. That price is one Seiko Hedeki is willing to pay. Seiko is almost 17. With the help of her brother, the two escape their home of heck and get stuck in the manga Shugo Chara. Follow the two siblings to see if a...

  • My Life A Shugo chara Story
    340 6 1

    a broken girl who is living a lie. her name has a secret also can she stop it from showing or will it kill her

  • In the kingdom (A shugo chara fanfiction)
    10.4K 356 18

    ((CURRENTLY BEING EDITED SO THE ORIGINAL STORY WILL CHANGE)) Not everyone lives there happily ever after lives. Creta is nearly an adult living in the kingdom ruled by Tsukiyomi royal family, and she has no freedoms. She is forced to serve for the Yamabuki family, which makes her life a living hell. Every night she...

  • Shugo Chara- My One True Love
    1.9K 53 1

    AMUTO!!!!! My third story so far! Hope you enjoy! ~ Ikuto's mom pesters him to find a girl and marry her so that she would become the next queen! What if he found a girl with bubblegum pink hair? Summary Sucks! I'm sorry! NO CONTINUATION! SO SORRY!!! If so...

  • Shugo Chara: Wait, what?!?
    4K 63 3

    So, everyone's in high school now. And I mean everyone. Somehow, government kinda makes education catch up to you, you know? When the student council continues to hold the guardians, and their lone knight, what happens when two other knights appear? If the three of them unite, what happens when every love interest i...

  • Mr Ikuto ( Shugo Chara fanfic )
    907 27 3

    Being reunited with her lost love wasn't quite as Yuki has expected, As she watches his past lover Mr. Ikuto Tsukiyomi, turn and changes his surname to Mr Louvelle and became his own version of Mr. Grey. Now he is getting back with revenge, So sit back, relax And Laters, baby. A shugo chara fanfiction, with my Or...

  • The New Girl - Volume 1 - A Shugo Chara Fan Fiction
    60.6K 1.4K 11

    Crystal is a new student at Comet High. She doesn't know that she is special since she has three Shugo Charas, just like Amu. Legend says, "Another person who has three Shugo Charas, has more power than the one who currently holds the Humpty Lock. The person with more power will recieve a Humpty Lock once he/she real...