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  • Glorious Purpose
    1K 29 1

    Loki, the quiet, shy brother of the Mighty Thor, super villain who tried to break Earth? What made him do it? A short story to summerise their childhood, and why Loki took out his anger on Earth.

  • The Darkest Shade of Green
    1.3K 37 1

    After Loki was defeated he was taken back to Asgard to be punished. Thor did not know he was punishing him in the worst way possible. He didn't know Loki had left his heart in Midgard. A short story about the girl that Loki could fall in love with, and the girl that could love him back.

  • Thievery, Murder and Mischeif (Avengers Fan Fiction)
    4K 78 10

    Anaki's a killer. When she was seventeen she died, and thought dead she takes to a life of crime. Known only as the mysterious Dragoness, Anaki soon forgets her name, past and even heart. Blessed with the uncanny talents of a lizard and her unique affinity with fire, she takes on the task of a jealous warlord: kill Lo...

  • Papillion's Riddle
    671 31 10

    To find the end of one's quest is to find the end of one's life. It's easy, simple, clear cut. But when Papillion's sixteenth summer brings nothing but riddles and confusion, she's forced to strike out in the dark. But poor Papillion finds herself even more alone due to a crime she didn't commit. Lost in an unstable...