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  • Shut Up And Write Club/Writing Community
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    [OPEN] Current Number of Members: 4️⃣0️⃣ Shut Up and Write is a writing community where creativity can be expressed without any judgement or restrictions. The group is a safe haven for those who are looking for critiques on their individual stories, improving their craft, and receiving support all around. We have a...

  • New Members Book (a club guide)
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    A guide for new members of Shut Up and Write, written @JABrownOfficial (group mod)

  • The Fiction Awards 2018 Judging
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    #1 in WritingChallenge [ Participants ✔ Closed] [ Judges ✔ OPEN ] Welcome to the first annual Fiction Awards! We're @springtime_chorus, @BangPinkFanatic7501 and @Ms_Passionista, @Reign_lulubell07 your hosts. Do you wish to have your book given the recognition it deserves? Are you ready to put your fiction-writing...

  • The Fiction-Writing Community Team
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    Hello there! So, you've stumbled upon this book, eh? Well, here's a short description about us! We're the Fiction Writing Awards committee, and we're currently looking for people who'd be interested in working with us/ who want to become a part of our committee. Interested in joining the team? If your answer is yes...

  • Writers' Help
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    What is this you ask? It's a book filled with magical tips and tricks on improving your writing. From grammar to execution and fighting cliches, we will address all issues that will help you become a better writer. Any questions of your own? Feel free to ask and watch them getting addressed.

  • I Heart U
    3.4K 249 18

    Jin is the happiest person in a world. He has a good career as a successful medical practitioner and also a son a very know family love by all. He never asked for more as in God gave everything to him even the perfect lover a loving and caring man name Taengie. Taengie is the twin brother of Taehyung. Jin's best frie...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty's Beast
    166K 8K 40

    The moment Jeon Jungkook laid his eyes on Kim Seokjin, he knew that the beauty would soon be his.

  • Crimsom Vampire
    1.1K 41 36

    Si Reign Crimson ay isang ordinaryong 4th year student. Madalas n'yang makita ang isang binata sa kanyang panaginip na nagngangalang Kallen. Madalas din siyang Nabunubully ng mga classmates at teachers si Reign dahil sa itsura at pagiging miyembro ng Black rose organization ng mga magulang nito... Isang araw habang n...