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  • Saved By The Bell ~ Suga
    39 2 8

    Whoever thought that I'd get to share a place with Min Yoongi?

  • Nothing Like Us |BTS Jungkook|
    57 6 6

    When seven unexpected visitors stop by my job, a new alliance forms alongside feelings I'd never expected to develop.

  • Your Eyes Tell |BTS Suga|
    4 1 1

    When a breakup occurs between two lovers after four years of love and desire, they face the struggle of being alone.

  • BTS Short Stories
    2K 45 10

    Hello! Welcome to a book filled with BTS Imagines! Feel free to request something on my IG @bangtan.theme, or you can leave them in comments. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Falling For Jimin |BTS Jimin|
    9.8K 163 4

    I choose to be alone, but when Park Jimin, the new student, engraves his name into my heart, I have no other option but to fall for Jimin.

  • My First Love |BTS Jungkook|
    9.5K 84 3

    What happens when two, young, inexperienced individuals come together to endure the meaning of love?