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  • Marvel: It Takes A Monster - Male Reader Insert
    756 68 2

    Werewolf converting your village? Got it covered Vampires taking over? Not on my watch Demons possessing Las Vegas?... might need a little bet of help with that one The Avengers fight the bad guys wanting to take over the planet or destroy the universe, but Y/N L/N is the guy that deals with the beasts that go bump in...

  • The Van Helsing Club: Creatures of the Night
    75 15 3

    Logan James, Ben Walker, Mia Chase and Jenny McCallister have never really interacted with one another. They've acknowledged each other's existence, seeing as they all live in the same town. But none of them have really payed any of the others much attention. Until one night when they discover a well kept secret. A re...

  • The Bombastic BaguetteMan!
    1K 142 23

    alright I've done this 3 times already and each time Wattpad has glitched out and deleted my whole story so I'm not bothering with a whole big description. heres a short list of some of the reasons you should read my story and some of the things to come. -Baguettes -Baguette swords -it's a marvel male reader insert st...

  • League of Legends: Unknown Champions
    666 18 10

    These are simply my own fan made League of Legends characters, some of which are inspired by other tales. Please keep in mind that I do not play League of Legends, and therefore there will be no ability descriptions. This is just the lore, nothing more.

  • Bird's Love For Chess (Raven x male reader)
    1.7K 80 3

    Checkmate; an anti-hero secretly taught by Jason Todd, or Red Hood. Once Batman caught wind of this he forced Checkmate to join the Titans in order to remodel him. Once a goofball of a bitch who could and would kill you if annoyed. To a young, still goofy, adult who only detains villains, burglars, etc. etc. Let's go...

  • DC NOIR: DC Universe Male Reader insert
    1.9K 85 4

    Set in an alternate timeline of the DC comics universe taking place in the 50s', featuring different versions of our beloved characters in a more grounded reality Exploring this universe in a detective-style story, stars none other than yourself!