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  • The Fifth Annual Writer Games: The Fall
    8.9K 724 74

    In the past, war, famine, and death defined Panem. It defined the citizens. The Hunger Games united all in the power of penance and brought forth goodwill and charity. However, power is a fickle thing, systems are easily tipped until they reach the point of no return. Whether one year, ten, or seventy five... It is on...

  • Author Games: A Heroes' Charge
    7.5K 572 69

    Years have passed without a pain. The gods have looked to have an endless reign. But now a new threat looms from the top. An evil that even the gods are powerless to stop. Twenty-four half bloods can make some change, Yet only four will survive the exchange

  • Author Games: Heist
    6.6K 575 36

    The biggest art discovery of the decade was quickly overshadowed by the biggest art theft of the decade. Both occurred within a week, but only one needs solving. The nation's best detectives are on it. Are you one of them? Reservations for Author Games: HEIST open July 7th, 2016.