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  • Folie à Deux (Frerard)
    2.9M 104K 41

  • Speak up already - Phan
    3.7M 162K 79

    Phil doesn't talks. Well, not anymore. The last time he said something, was when he didn't hate himself. And that was a long time ago. But now, everything is different. He must struggle with depression, whilst new boy Dan Howell desperately attempts to win him over. [Warning: this could be triggering at some points]

  • stay ✧ phan (incomplete)
    62.8K 5.3K 40

    "I can't even think straight. For your own sake, just let me walk away." "But.. I need you. Please, please, stay." The third and final instalment in the 'ASL?' series. I highly recommend you read 'ASL?' and 'Dear Diary' before reading this.

  • Helpline ➸ Phan [texting]
    42.8K 4K 8

    after dan howell is diagnosed with depression, his parents seek him help - but not in the way he may have expected. he's partnered up with phil lester online, someone who supposedly knows about mental health, with one instruction: text him. ❝ amazingphil : i just wanna be your friend danisnotonfire: how the hell is t...

  • the broken
    1.3M 63.1K 49

    the air smells like the promise of tomorrow and nothing has ever smelled more terrifying

  • Paint It Black (Phan fic)
    155K 7.1K 24

    Dan and Phil seem to have a pretty good life. They are a couple of the most famous youtubers, the work on their own radio show, and they're best friends. Phil couldn't be any happier. But what happens when Phil finds out about the other side of Dan he hasn't met yet? WARNING: MENTIONS OF SELF HARM AND SUICIDAL TENDE...

  • So What? -Phan AU-
    10.1K 608 14

    In the year 3980, scientists have made a major break though that changed the world. One in a million people are born with extraordinary abilities, caused by each impregnated woman drinking a special serum on the eighth month of their pregnancy. If the serum doesn't work on you and you're born completely normal, congra...

  • Intricacies; oneshots
    12.9K 891 74

    oneshots, many will be bxb or emotional blurbs; the beginning ones are cube

  • Be My Romeo - Kiani fanfic
    15.2K 619 52

    -=+=- 'My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.' Be my Romeo, i'll be your Juliet. -=+=-

  • Shy {A Kiani Fanfiction}
    13.8K 712 31

    Bayani met a shy yet cute boy online named Will. Bayani gets to know Will and starts to love Will. Will also starts to love Bayani as well. The thing is that Will only talks to Bayani. Will doesn't talk to any of the Cube members besides Bayani. People start doubting and shunning Will. What will Bayani have to do to...

  • Walking under stars~ Kiani
    3.8K 270 18

    For will the only way to escape reality was to lock himself in his room and play video games... But when that begins to fail the only way of escape is to run.... But running means leaving behind his friends....

  • dreams | kiani au
    4.6K 256 11

    "in my dreams, you were mine."

  • His Accent: A Kiani FF {NO LONGER UPDATING}
    11.1K 317 17

    My name is Jordan. I am 19 years old. I do YouTube for a living. I have many friends with whom I record with. But this one guy, His Accent is amazing. I think I might falling for him. His Accent *sigh*

  • C o a s t is C l e a r
    8.7K 383 13

    One livestream changed everything. [A Kiani Fanfic, based after their fight.]

  • For real?
    4.2K 152 15

    Will and Jordan FanFiction -=+=- PAX Prime is on and all the Cube boys are together at last and I believe this is worthy of a fan-fiction! Thanks for reading! -Madi

  • Borderline ➳ kiani ff
    15.7K 673 14

    ➳ -=+=- It's finally time for PAX Prime and Will couldn't be happier. Everything was finally going his way. But maybe not. Months later, Jordan and Will can't even look at each other, let alone speak. Each day puts Will balancing on the edge as he continues to ignore his former best friend who meant more to him th...

  • Unexpected«»Kiani Fanfiction
    1.3K 24 3

    Will is in love with Bayani. But Bayani has a girlfriend so he has no chance Right? Well Dul invited him to move to LA with her, Stacy, Grape, and H in a huge house to have fun. The only catch, no one else can know they live in the same house. When Minecon is revealed to be in LA, they begin to worry. Sometimes a secr...

  • Kiani
    2.4K 53 8

    Kiingtong (Will) and xBayani (Jordan) are best friends. Maybe even more than friends. Jordan gets these feelings around Will that he couldn't explain. Will Jordan be able to tell Will or will he just keep silent and hope the feelings go away? What if Will has the same feelings? Let's find out, shall we?

  • A Gamers Diary (Markiplier FanFic)
    264 3 16

    After finishing collage Wyren moves to Ohio. Her first morning was normal. But when someone knocks on her door by accident her whole world will change. As her life get more involved and more and more people will the stress knock her down. When old monsters reappear can she fight them off one last time.

  • Always and Forever // Kiani FF
    2.6K 47 9

    This story is about Will (Kiingtong) and Jordan (xbayani) and there story of how they fall in love :) thanks for reading

  • Kiani
    802 25 1

    This is beautiful

  • Do You Remember?//Sequel// xBayani fan fic
    138 9 2

    You said you would remember the special moment we shared at the alter...but do you really remember?

  • He's The One ↣ Kiani || on hold :(
    2.4K 115 9

    ‘Can I try something?’

  • It Will Always Be Kiani
    3.3K 45 11

    This fanfic is my first fanfic I have ever written I'm not sure how I feel bout it but I just hope that who ever reads this Will like it and tell me if it needs anything/is missing something and plz tell me if ur enjoying it or not. And I've been reading a lot of kiani fanfics so I take SOME ideas from all the fanfics...

  • Kiani: Forever?
    634 32 2

    Will and Bayani. What can I say?

  • My Love... My Sorrow (Kiani Fanfic)
    3.9K 123 35