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  • Suddenly Became A Princess One Day
    2M 54.8K 107

    I was a princess when I opened my eyes! But why does it have to be a princess in this romance novel who has the fate of being killed to death from her own blood related father! If I want do live, I will have to stay hidden completely of his sight. However... "Since when did this kind of scumbag started living in my pa...

  • Swept Away (The Swept Away Saga, Book One)
    192K 8.3K 50

    From Kamery Solomon, #1 bestselling genre author and creator of the bestselling series The God Chronicles, comes the international bestseller SWEPT AWAY, a time travel romance fraught with danger and secrets on the high seas! BLURB: Dead men tell no tales... For more than 200 years, the Treasure Pit on Oak Isle has...

  • #PlanetOrPlastic Writing Contest
    333K 14.5K 2

    Wattpad has teamed up with National Geographic to wake the world up to the potential impact of single-use plastics. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a story-real or fiction-inspired by actual photos of this global issue.

  • Children's Fiction Guidebook
    1.2K 101 3

    All the relevant information on the Children's Fiction profile: Who are we? What can we offer? Which age groups do we cater for? Which languages do we support?

  • My Story Untold
    3.9K 431 31

    As a graduate, Paul Ato Hazel, knew stowing away was a risky and illegal adventure. It wasn't the best choice. Almost three years at home without a job, the hardships he faced, coupled with his father's harsh grumbles, obliged him to go on such a chancy trip. He believed he will make it to Europe, and become success...

  • The Region of the Summer Stars ✩ l.s. AU
    4.8K 393 6

    Louis' first year as Camp Administrator for the Red Pine's All Boys Summer Camp is going to be his golden ticket to teacherdom. He'll prove himself to be more than capable of his dream career after a successful camp season, earning that great reference he was promised for his application to Teachers College at Columb...

  • Spring into Love
    48 10 1

    Springtime, horses, sunshine, adventure, danger, and a boy and a girl who like each other a lot, but haven't let the other know they believe it just might be true love they feel. Please vote and/or comment should you like the story. :) Wattpad has recommendations along the side and bottom, depending on your de...

  • Swindlebird | ✓
    163K 5.5K 12

    {Formerly Featured/Watty 2016 Debut Winner} She had inherited her mother's wilder nature, earning her consistent expulsions from almost every magic school in the entire Astrian country side. Her father, a once famous, but currently ill-respected wizarding professor, had grown used to raising his daughter on h...

  • Half Breed
    7.2K 388 14

    Emily Crescent is suddenly teleported to a world full of magic and wonder after a group of wicked sorcerers attack her mother for an unknown reason. In this new world, her uncle and master wizard, Chiron stumbles upon her and begins teaching her of the new world. Once again, the sorcerers threaten Chiron's safety whil...

  • No Capes
    12.5M 558K 32

    "Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity," He replied, his gaze pouring into mine, "Anyone could be behind this mask. Besides, it keeps me safe." I held my breath, realizing just what could happen if he left t...

  • The Moon Beyond the Mist
    59.7K 3.2K 23

    [Wattpad Featured Story] "Maria... If you are the Moon Princess, then I shall decidedly be your starry-eyed knight." Disaster threatens Moonacre Valley and it is up to Maria to save it. Thrown together with the roguish Robin de Noir, the Moon Princess faces mystery, danger and a romance seemed destined to happen...

  • S.M.A.R.T. (The Subject of Mind Altering Research and Testing)
    59.3K 3.9K 27

    The story of Michael Thomas, a family man who worked for the U.S. army, and the experiments that were done on him. Shortly after after his return home from nearly six months as a captive of war, Michael is offered a top secret job that sounds too good to be true. When Michael refuses, he is dragged away from his fami...

  • All Men Are Not The Same
    17.6K 4.3K 53

    Inspired by a real life story. *************************** The names are fictitious, the places are imaginary, the dates are fake, but the story - a real one. This is the story of a little boy who grew up losing the most precious parts of his life. It is the story of a broken brother, a shattered son and a heartbroken...