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  • I fell inlove with my enemy (A Justin Bieber Story) (Under HEAVY RENOVATION)
    10.8M 104K 97

    "We built it up, to watch it fall. Like we meant nothing at all. I gave and gave the best of me, but couldn't give you what you need. You walked away, you stole my life. Just to find what you're looking for. But no matter how I try... ... I can't hate you anymore." Sometimes, all you have to do is see right through...

  • Alien (Justin Bieber Love Story)
    5.2M 143K 99

    He had disappeared again. "Justin?" I yelled out. Hearing a ruckus in the next isle over, I walk around. There Justin was, sitting on the floor, dipping strawberries into a carton of Nutella with it all over his face. Giggling, He looked up and offered me some. "R-really good." he said. "Oh Justin." I picked him up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claimed ~ Justin Bieber
    23.2M 440K 75

    "It is better to be feared than loved" Fanfiction #4 Teen Fiction #13 Copyright © 2013, JustinsAvenger

    Completed   Mature