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  • Big Four: Team [ Big Four + reader + me ( the author ) ]
    10.6K 366 43

    A big four + reader and me! ( the author ) ( Y/N ) was just a normal girl... Or so she thought. One day, the people she thought was her parents tell her something unexpected. And they send her to an academy where youngsters with special gifts go. There she meet new people and also make new friends. But dark is lurking...

  • Dragon Girl *Hiccup X Reader*
    8.1K 286 22

    "I want to do something diffrent today Snow." "What would that be Sister?" Exploring a new island they come across a young man with Auburn hair, Green eyes and a black dragon. He looks at the short white haired girl, with crimson eyes, and a white dragon that looks like toothless with feathers. "Who are you?" she spea...

  • hiccup httyd2 x reader
    119K 4K 29

    Completed   Mature