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  • The Man I love To Hate
    483K 7K 23

    Meet Rebecca, a teenage girl who got everything in her life--- beautiful and sexy, a billionaire's daughter. She loves everything even she love to hate---Mr. white. She hate him for three reasons 1. He's chosen as her groom by her mother. 2. He's arrogant but incredibly handsome and hot. 3. Sparks flows through her bo...

  • He's A Bad Boy
    11.5M 210K 38

    "He's a bad boy. He's bad news" Abigail Antonias was warned as soon as she entered her fourth high school that a particular boy named Nathaniel Reece was the definition of a bad boy, and is best to just avoid. But that just made Abigail's curiousity peak. What could be so 'Bad' about him? And sometimes, the worst de...

  • Everything to gain. ( title subject to change)
    229 11 4

    For Jess and Mia this cruise is supposed to be nothing but flirty fun. Meeting new boys and swaying in the sun, adventures on the most scenic islands of the West Caribbean. But it's a little less and more than they first expected. The first three days of the seven day cruise they struggle to meet people and make frien...

    1.9M 25.9K 14

    Her attraction for him was so strong, she gifted him her innocence. She loved him enough and hoped after 14 months of being together, he would reciprocate her love. His mother's infidelity made him untrustworthy of the opposite sex and shy of committment. Sidney began to lose hope...

  • Finally Found (On Hold Due To Stroke. Will Continue When Possible.)
    286K 3.7K 19

    Scarlett is a small town girl, who lives and works on a farm. She is living a small town life, but that's all about to change when Ezra, the tall dark and handsome stranger comes into her life. He shows her that things she thinks don't exist actually do. She is about to be taken to a world where fantasy is reality...

  • Hey Mr.Prick. It's NOT a pleasure to meet you '' Watty Awards 2012 Finalist "
    1.6M 20.4K 34

    [ Trailer Inside ] Rose Evan’s is the daughter of the U.S. top company’s man. What happens when her father and his enemy arrange a marriage between Xavier (the enemy’s son) and Rose? Rose goes crazy, especially when she realizes that Xavier is a pervert and a prick. But what happens when they start to fall for another...