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  • Love Like A Delinquent
    14.2M 212K 42

    3 years ago, my Step Dad adopted a son. His name was Hunter. For 13 years of his life, Hunter was neglected and abused by his parents. Beaten and raped, Hunter knew nothing good of the world. His Father eventually became a socio-path and shot the Mother. But as he was about to kill Hunter, Police arrived. The Dad shot...

  • Razor Blade Kisses
    99.6K 1.6K 28

    With an overworked mother and an alcoholic for a father, seventeen-year-old Rachel Montgomery's life no longer resembles her idyllic childhood. To escape the agony, Rachel cuts, letting her pain bleed away in scarlet drops. When tragedy hits, Rachel is unsure how she's going to make it through senior year. Then Derek...

  • Would You Stay?
    5.3K 119 30

    Heaven Help Me book 3- Originally going to be called Stay (cuz of the awesome unreleased song) but wattpad said it was too short X( Poppy was finally getting her life back after five years, engaged to her love- Mikey and happy with her huge family. Then everything went wrong.

  • The Only Hope For Me Is You
    8.1K 208 34

    Heaven Help Me! Book number 2 Almost five years since Poppy met the boys and her new family. Poppy walked away five years ago from her family and the people she loved most.

  • Heaven Help Me!
    14.9K 241 34

    BEFORE MCR FANFIC Poppy is a misunderstood teenage girl with next to no friends and a crummy family life. When she is attacked by kids that go to her schooll a group of boys, who like her are misunderstood, come to her rescue. Poppy and the boys become friends and when Poppy's life gets hard they are there to help her...