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  • Sad Stories
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    I just wanted to write these stories. They go through my head at night and all day. I relive them as they are my own love story. I love sad stories and I hope you do too. "Sometimes we don't say goodbye because we don't want to be left behind." I been in a state where sad stories are just my mood. I would binge on sa...

  • Contest entries
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    A collection of my writing contest entries.

  • One Shot
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    dedicated to Tallara

  • Memories | The 12th Kiss One Shot By Marshmallow_BunnyLUV
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    A one shot of the story The 12th Kiss for the One Shot Competition ♡ Go check out the book The 12th Kiss :)

  • Never Letting You Go~The 12th Kiss One Shot
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    A one shot entry on the book The 12th Kiss by @Enterintomymind. _____________________ "I'll never let you go." he promised. She sighed. That had seemed forever ago and she wished they were back to a time where they were happy. Together. 'How could you do this to me?' Sara thought, as she looked out the window, knowin...

  • Love, Unrequited | ✓
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    in which a girl writes down everything she couldn't say to the boy who was never meant to be hers in an attempt to get over him. just like you. just like me. Short Story #30 [19.12.17]

  • The 12th Kiss (One Shot Contest)
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    One shot competition entry to the story 'The 12th Kiss'. Written by: Enterintomymind Continuing sometime after the ending of the book. Sweet story, by the way. Enjoy :)

  • One-Shot : The 12th Kiss
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  • One shot contest- The 12th Kiss
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    One shot contest for the story "The 12th Kiss" "The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward." -Steve Maraboli The beautiful story of a once broken family continues; get ready to find out what hap...