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  • A Drunken Confession (Scomiche one shot)
    48 1 1

    Mitch has something he wants to tell Scott. But he just can't manage to choke out the words "I love you". Well, at least not while he's sober. One shot. Basically just fluff.

  • Roommates
    8.6K 414 2

    [AU Scömìche] Plot twist: Turns out, I don't have any issue with you kissing men; as long as it's me you're kissing.

  • All These Other Boys
    2.3K 257 1

    Speed dating. Five minutes per date. You have until the sound of the bell, so hurry up! Cowritten with Ehcimocs!

  • Clarity - (Scomiche)
    2K 112 1

    Mitch and Scott exchange glances and raise eyebrows in a silent 'that's a wrap' communication. As Scott leans forward to turn the camera off, Mitch stands up, walks around to the foot of the bed and launches himself backwards onto the duvet with a dramatic flourish. 'Ugh, why, WHY did we think that was a good idea?!' ...

  • Inspirational
    2K 111 1

    Scott and Mitch watch some porn together.

  • Spinning
    1.6K 142 1

    Scott sits down across from Mitch. They'll all kiss anyone-they all have kissed each other, for the most part, either as a joke or a performance or for real. They're an incestuous little theatre troupe, Scott's friends. Except for Mitch, who's younger, who doesn't hang out with them regularly.

  • Scomiche Drabbles
    46.4K 1.2K 16

    Just a collection of Scomiche drabbles. I do accept requests for Scomiche drabbles!

  • Just Kiss Me: One Shots
    435 19 1

    One shots of Scömìche. Message me to request.

  • Scomiche (+) oneshots
    24K 657 24

    I think these are going to be mainly scomiche, rarely phan. We'll see.

  • Tattoo's with kisses
    752 32 1

    Mitch is getting his new Spongebob tattoo and for some reason it hurts a lot more then expected. Scott helps him get his mind off the pain. Cute. One-Shot. Completed

  • scomiche one-shots
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  • Scomiche one shots
    30.4K 919 44

    This is trash

  • Scomiche One Shots
    8.5K 201 17

    A collection of fluffy one shots all about Pentatonix and Superfruit! With Scomiche and some other ships I take requests so don't be afraid to ask or suggest!!! Love y'all

  • Scomiche One-Shots
    92.7K 2.4K 76

    This is just a book of scomichè one shots i come with in my free time when I'm bored and/or find inspration!! When it comes to mind, i write it. Suggestions welcome so dont hesitate to comment and message me your ideas!! There will be a lot of romance and cute stuff but there is some smut as well.. More toward my rece...

  • Scomiche One-Shots (boyxboy)
    15.7K 481 26

    short stories about the two lovebirds. (currently not taking requests) (also i started this 2 years ago, i wasnt that good at writing so it contains some cringey stories lol enjoy)

  • Scomiche One Shots
    169K 5.2K 65

    It's all in the title. A lil book where I can express my many ideas about situations for my fave boys. A lil gay.

    Completed   Mature