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  • The Theory of Intelligence
    236 9 4

    ➼ in which the book contains five short stories about the teenagers living in the quiet town of Halcyon. [ cover by Nau2014 ]

  • Chasing Wattpad
    115K 14.6K 84

    Is Wattpad a good or bad thing? Are the people on here writers or do they just think they are? Whatever your answer to those questions there are a lot of mysteries surrounding Wattpad and the people that choose to write here. Every day thousands of you get on your computer and chase Wattpad all day long looking for so...

  • The Fault in our Everything
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    That's right! It's another rant book! In this book I will be going on and on and on and on and on and on about the stuff on Wattpad and the world that makes me wanna, 1) Cringe 2) Throw my phone out the window 3) Cry Warning: There will be a lot of swearing. You have been warned