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    A collection of poetry for the broken-hearted or anything in-between.

  • void
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    sometimes, you feel void. #20 poetry july 14, 2016.

  • art/poetry
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    trying to turn my constant longing, lonely bitterness into poetry so it can be just as pretty as it is ugly (art: Beth Hoeckel) A.P./poetic- © all rights reserved

  • a book of poems
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    all i write about is unrequited love, pain and tears. oh, don't i love myself so much? [#3 in poetry -- 31/12/17] [ #118 in poetry -- 03/10/15 ] [30/8/15 -- 2/10/16]

  • wild world ↠ poetry
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    now that i've lost everything to you, you say you want to start something new (lowercase intended)

  • | koimizu |
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    (n.) tears of love sometimes, you fall in love with someone you can never be with. sometimes, you shed your tears for someone who will never care. #201 in poetry (7/10/15)

  • forest mind, ocean soul. // poetry
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    my mind is forest in which i can scream, but not be heard. my soul is an ocean in which i drown in the soundless words. // trigger warnings below // © 2016 all rights reserved // subversiveabsurdity // // trigger warning: this book contains shit i wrote when i was emo, stupid, gay, and suicidal so proceed with caut...

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    my heart becomes worthy

  • p o e t r y
    337K 19K 108

    A collection of poetry found under lovers nails or stained against your pillow case - highest ranking - #9 in poetry - All rights reserved - © Ruby Smith @desp-erate 2014 Cover by @-grxnge

  • my best days
    49.4K 2.9K 81

    even on my best days, i am afraid (2015)

  • anemoia
    81.4K 5K 86

    step inside these old bones, feel my ancient sorrows (2015)

  • darkness
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    "Because I am not the type of 
person someone falls in love with."

  • the art of
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    "I think you should -" "Correction: I am in my own body, with my own mind; you do not and cannot tell me what to do." [warning: this is not a love story]

  • incipient [completed]
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    ❝ you may burn the photograph in a raging fire of iridescent reds and threatening oranges of the past and there it might stay but never can you erase it from the most perfected camera of all: the deep dark corner of your mind ❞ a collection of things i've written. it seems they are not such poems as they are an orderl...

  • Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATTYS Winner 2015]
    5.6M 266K 197

    "we sat under the same sky but he couldn't see the stars" -Short Poems by a Short Girl [#1 in poetry 1/22/16] Five foot three, but a big voice. I hope you enjoy my work. Show your support with a vote or drop a comment if you'd like. <3

  • loud poetry from a quiet girl
    4.5M 230K 201

    poetry by a person that's afraid of people. 12/23/15- #1 in poetry

  • Specks Of Stardust #Wattys2015
    4.9K 736 94

    ❝ And when midnight strikes and the ink spills through the page, all that you are becomes stardust. ❞ In which a girl writes about the words unspoken, the feelings unresolved, the memories unforgotten, and the boy who caused them all.

  • jupiter's moons
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    this pull is more than just gravity.

  • shattered souls
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    i write poetry when my mind is clouded with thoughts an anthology of poems. • all rights reserved twenty fifteen • • copyright to @harshenixx • ranking; Poetry 120