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  • Sweet Blasphemy (An Andrew Biersack Story) *WATTYS 2014*
    108K 1.7K 32

    Three years ago Envy fell in love. Envy fell in love with her boyfriend. Envy's boyfriend was Andrew Biersack. Now after being reunited with her old friends Envy's life takes a turn. Will this give her a chance to patch up the past with Andy and what will happen when he finds out the truth about Envy's daughter. T...

  • Snow White And The Seven Boys
    294K 3.5K 25

    *No ordinary fairy tale!* A foster family frees Whitney from her parent's abusive threat, and now she's going to a brand new adopted family. Everything comes naturally, so does her destiny of love. Will the seven boys who shows up unexpectedly in front of her change everything, or will they just cause more chaos and p...

  • "You're Different... I'm Loving It!"
    84.2K 1.9K 13

    I watch as all the girls swooned over him... the new kid. I just shook my head and went to class, I wasn't going to swoon over him, i have bigger problems... hiding what I am from the world. Though apparently... hes taken an interest in the one girl who is not interested... me. This is a story about a girl who is tryi...

  • I've Fallen For A Sex God (BOYxBOY)
    4M 75.7K 27

    Dustin has been madly in love and lust with the school's football captain. But Memphis has never noticed him before... or has he? Aisling jumps into Dustin's life and suddenly the two coolest guys, including Memphis, are hanging around him. What happens now? Can Memphis hear Dustin's heartbeat? And why wont the most g...

  • Empty Halls BoyxBoy
    1.3M 28K 30

    Meet Azel, a crazy, random, clumsy 17 year old with a completely oblivious personality. Meet Alistair, a simply perfect, beautiful, loving 17 year old with a completely confusing personality. Add in some best friends, bullies, heartache and love, and you'll have both of their lives.

  • Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Yaoi One~Shot
    20.1K 222 1

    195K 1.8K 22

    (Male/Male romance) Micheal. Egotistical. Popular. Sexaholic. These three words describe our main character down to the tip, he may seem kind and friendly on a first date but beware, this guy will leave you just minutes after your clothes hit his bedroom floor. But suddenly, there's a new BOY in town with his eyes stu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Piercing Andre's Heart [boyxboy]
    239K 6.6K 22

    When Aleixandre Ryan meets Pierce Harts at a party one night, they both find themselves attracted. As their relationship deepens, Andre becomes helplessly in love with Pierce. But is Pierce as loyal as he seems? And if he's not, what will Andre do to get revenge?

  • Pretending [boyxboy] [slash] [original and rewrite]
    277K 8K 13

    If Luke could go back to the first day of fourth year, there are three pieces of advice he'd give himself: 1) wearing make up is the equivalent to carry a giant target board on your back; best avoided 2) falling in love with your extremely heterosexual best friend is highly inconvenient; avoid this scenario whenever...

  • A kiss with a Fist (boyxboy)
    725K 16.4K 20

    Nick and Jess twin brothers and best friends, that was until 9th grade when Nick came out of the closet. Jess became a huge homophob and became friends with another homophob Zain, while Nick became friends with Jake who is also gay. Nick and Jake made it through high school but not without all the bulling from Jess an...

  • Let's Play A Game [BoyXBoy]
    1.5M 37.4K 21

    Kelly James and Ryder Max are the biggest gay players at Blackwell high. They're Sexy, calm, cocky and well they're just plain bad. They're also enemies! They always have been since childhood always trying to out do each other. Now that their seniors in high school, their rivalry is even stronger. But Ryder proposes a...

  • Harry's Awakening (a boyxboy Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    50K 919 9

    After his godfather's death Harry begins to rebel against the people of Hogwarts leading to a friendship with a supposed enemy, family he never knew, new powers, a new look, a new school, and a possessive veela. SLASH, H/OMC, creature!Harry

  • ~ON HOLD~ Love Isn't Always Fair [Fanfiction/BoyxBoy]
    7K 78 6

    Andy and Ashley are best friends, soon to be boyfriends. Everything is well and truly going smooth, touring, fans and friends. Until a certain someone decides to try and ruin everything.

  • My Prize Possession [BoyxBoy Romance OFF-HOLD]
    500K 6.3K 23

    WARNING: THIS STORY IS BOYxBOY, AS IN BOY ON BOY ACTION, ROMANCE, YEAH. SO PREPARED TO FEEL HOT AND BOTHERED;) Dylan Jones has always had some kind of connection with Nick Jackson, but could never figure out what. There not enemies, but not exactly friends either. Ever since that tragic day when Nick spread a rumour t...

  • Let's Get One Thing Straight: I'm Not [boyxboy sequel]
    747K 21.9K 33

    16 year old Maxwell Quincy had the perfect life. A loving family, an amazing boyfriend, and 3 best friends. But within a week, his life quickly begins to fall apart. His parents are fighting, his boyfriend might dump him, and his friends are becoming distant. On top of everything, Andre is determined to get revenge on...

  • Lie To Me [boyxboy]
    676K 20.9K 31

    Openly gay 17 year old Shailer Murphy couldn’t imagine a worse fate than being stuck with the school’s biggest gossiper, Tattle Lambert. But that’s exactly what happens when Shailer’s big mouth lands the two in detention together. Hateful enemies, the two boys are determined to break the other in revenge. As Shailer b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Admit it...You're mine
    108K 2K 17

    Conner and Drew have been best friends since the first time they met, last year. Usually they were inseparable, but now Drew has a girlfriend. Drew actually thinks he MIGHT have a crush on his best friend, Conner?

  • Royal Twins
    263 4 2

    Alliyah and Kathreen are full-blooded shape shifter princesses and Xander is a slave he’s also a werewolf even though its forbidden Kathreen and Xander falls in love and while all of that is happening Alliyah falls in love with a witch or as they like to be called a warlock. Something tragical and our parents die, one...

  • He Stole My Bra While I Was Washing His Car!
    369K 4.8K 6

    Georgie has a plan. A plan that does not involve boys. Especially not the annoying Tristan Cole. Unfortunately, whenever Tristan's around, she seems to completely forget about it! After being caught in a number of compromising positions with Tristan, Georgie decides to just get him out of her system. No strings attach...

  • The New Boy [boyxboy]
    1.4M 28.5K 29

    Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary. When Dexter moves in next door to Alex, things start to get complicated. Everyone Dexter meets seems to develop feelings for him, and even though he's straight, Alex can't help but start to fall for him. These concerns he outlines in his brutally hones...

  • I Like Your Batman Underwear {boyxboy}
    4.9M 142K 35

    AN: If you don't like cliches, then refrain from reading any further. "You dropped these." I stopped cold in my tracks. Panic washed over me. Slowly, very slowly, I looked at the red gym bag I was holding. In my furious escape from the locker room, I'd managed to forget about zipping the stupid thing closed. I sucked...

  • Age Doesn't Matter but...Gender Does (Slash) (BoyxBoy)
    1.7M 11.4K 73

    (New story XD) BL Stories -^o^- 13 stories inside and more to come (^o^)/ WARNING: IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOYXBOY better not to read it...Please don't hate boy love... Age is not a bother when it comes to love...but how about gender? hmmmm...

  • I Love You, Stupid (boyxboy)
    3.1M 59.6K 41

    Luke Peterson has always been in love with his best friend Taylor Schofield. After coming out about being gay, Luke sees small changes in Taylor's behavior, though Taylor denies feeling any different about his best friend. What starts as a struggle to keep his feelings at bay, turns into a battle to keep his best fr...

  • G.F.A. [boyxboy]-Discontinued
    5.9K 159 13

    Just your average boyxboy..... enjoy! * I dont own the pictures*

  • The Underworld's Moon
    538K 8.8K 33

    **This is a BoyxBoy story so if you don't like that then don't read it. You've been warned!** Verin is a demon and the best part, he's the prince of the Underworld. He's completely ignorant and can't help but act spoiled as he wishes. All he cares about is getting the throne so that his lazy, sex-drive father can get...

  • Book 2:Love Conquers All...Bull Crap! [BoyxBoy]
    170K 3.4K 21

    *Book number 2* *Sequel to Love On The Rocks* Noah has manged to go for months without talking to Josh, but what will happen once Noah and Josh end up going to the same college and Nate is off touring across the country? Will Noah finally admit defeat and get back together with Josh or will Joshes past come to bite h...

  • I should hate you, you know (LxLight story)
    125K 3.5K 9

    ~Being rewritten as "I Should Hate You" Can be found in my works~

  • All Time Low Love Story
    81.1K 543 46