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  • Trauma
    72 6 1

    Captured by Lilly and her group, Clementine - despite being riddled with guilt - attempts to talk to and comfort a broken and distraught Louis, in the hopes of making him feel a little less alone. (Oneshot)

  • Fate Wants us Together | C+L
    10.7K 685 35

    Clementine is a new student at Ericsson's University as a way to move on from her past, but chooses to keep to herself, due to a hard and traumatic past.but what's to come when a certain piano-playing boy is the only one who can get through to her? This will be set in there college years so I'm basing all the kids to...

  • Twdg: Clouis one shots
    24.6K 980 22

    *Requests open* *Season 4 spoilers throughout*

  • coffee shop | clouis
    2K 175 9

    "actually... i hate coffee." [ modern au ]

  • Clementine & Louis One-shots
    31.1K 1.2K 26

    Little stories about our favourite apocalypse couple ;) 💋Rated T for kisses 💚Contains fluff and angst RANKINGS: ✨Number 1 in #clementinetwdg ✨Number 1 in #louistwdg ✨Number 1 in #twdg ✨Number 1 in #twdgfanfiction ✨Number 1 in #thewalkingdeadgame ✨Number 2 in #louistwdg ✨Number 3 in #clementinexlouis ✨Number 3 i...

  • last conversation
    185 17 1

    Three months after they took down the delta, Clementine finds Louis out in the cold trying to pay his respects and talk to Marlon. [clouis comfort/smooching ensues]

  • Oops, Wrong Number | Clem x Louis Fanfic [Completed Short Story]
    944 79 3

    Clementine has been silently crushing on Louis, the popular womaniser of the school. He's never shown interest in her, until after a purposeful mistake. What will happen when he accidentally texts her, from getting given the wrong number after a hookup? A short story that was originally an one shot story. Cover: @iwo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Snapped (Gabentine Fic)
    12.2K 330 22

    When Clem leaves Gabe behind in Richmond to go look for AJ, something happens to him. Something inside Gabe has snapped and it's up to Clementine to repair him before he leaves Richmond for good. Gabriel starts off as 19 but, will be 20 Clementine starts off 16 but, will be 17 AJ starts off as 5 but, will be 6 Them ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Shot Book | TWDG
    5.2K 377 19

    A little collection of TWDG one shots and imagines that have been requested by readers. For the chance to be featured, leave a request. Also includes scrapped scenes from my other stories. Warning: spoiler alert for all seasons of TWDG. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. [The Walking Dead: The Final Season] [Slow updates] Cover: @...

  • Bruises - Louis/Clementine
    10K 468 14

    Clementine, a self-reserved girl, likes to have her alone time. But after switching schools, everyone is just dying to know her. Even a specific annoying boy in particular, who seems to love to torture her to no end. Louis/Clementine - [High School AU]. (Cover made by taylorfredryk)!

  • From Me to You
    468 39 2

    Summary: After the car accident, Clementine loses her voice and becomes mute. She's lucky enough to meet Louis. The two become quite close during the weeks that pass. Even without her voice, Louis still is able to listen to her and be there for her, as always.

  • Soulmates | Clem x Louis Fanfic [Completed Short Story]
    1.7K 115 7

    Clementine and Louis have never met. The connecting factor between the two was a matching tattoo that they both shared. They only met because of a car accident, which lead her to Louis after being in the apocalypse for 8 years. Little did they know, they were each other's soulmate and were destined to meet. [A shor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Two Sides of the Same Street (A Clouis Fic)
    1.8K 145 4

    Louis is getting tired of working at the music store on the corner until a cute girl starts to work in the antique shop across the street. RANKINGS: ✨Number 1 in #twdgclementine ✨Number 2 in #louisxclementine 💖Thank you to tumblr user @klaviergavinwiki for allowing me to use her art for the cover.

  • Young Love (Gabentine Fics)
    14.5K 658 47

    This book is going to be only Gabentine oneshots. Some will be AU and others will go along with the storyline of the game. There also might be a couple of lemons in this book and I'll give you a heads up when it is. Might even change up the P.O.V. Hope you enjoy it!

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dark World (Gabentine Fic)
    7K 360 28

    Gabriel Garcia was just 13 years old when his vision started going out. By age 23 he became fully blind and on a cold day in January, the dead started to rise. His family left him behind because they seen Gabriel as weight holding them back and left him alone in his own dark world. Can a blind man survive the apocalyp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever & Always - (Clem & Louis Modern AU)
    6.7K 216 20

    Book #1 - Clementine is a Junior in high school, on the cheer team. Her best friend (Louis) is the hottest guy throughout the school, can she finally ace the guy to be her significant other? or are they better off as friends? Book #2 - It has been some time since the incident that took place at the end of book one, Li...

  • Clouis One-Shots!
    2.6K 130 7

    Welcome, all! to my Clouis One-Shot book!! (I do not write Smut) Cover Art isn't mine!