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  • Comprare l'Amore
    405K 11.9K 27

    "You know that he sold you right? You were his card for more power, you were just a beneficial contract for both of us... What do you want now? You want me to let you go just like that? You know that I can't.. Enough with this you're coming tonight!"-he says and gets out of the house smashing the door on his way out. ...

  • Pure (Paused)
    172K 4.5K 16

    Rough. Soft. Dirty. Innocent. Dark. Light. Pure.

  • Alpha's Innocent Girl
    117K 2.6K 19

    Emily Steward is an innocent,naive 17 years old girl that doesn't know anything about the outside world.She had been locked in a basement by her aunt and uncle since she was a child.She also had been abused by her aunt and uncle,blaming her for her parents' death. Ryan Clifford is a 20 years old alpha of the Black Hea...

  • His Little Thief
    548K 20.7K 27

    Sunny Rae has been a thief since she was 10. After the death of her father she was left with her abusive step mom and ran away only to become a thief just to get food to survive. With no one to speak to her she hasn't really spoken a word in 8 years. When one night she starts looking for a snack and comes across a hug...

  • Yours Forcefully
    1.4M 43.5K 39

    She - Innocent, shy, clumsy, naïve 19 year old beautiful girl who's trying to face the challenges life is throwing at her. With no parents besides her, she tries her best to impress her aunt who hates her. With a jealous cousin, she tries her best to cope up with her college life who loves to give her shocking surpris...

  • His Innocent Bride
    128K 3.5K 14

    A girl too Innocent to be with him.

  • Little Mrs.Mafia
    65.7K 1.6K 14

    Amara is a sweet little girl immersed in her love for books.She is childish, naive and pretty innocent and is shielded from the harsh and cruel world. She loves her little family and is content with her life. One day her perfect life turns ugly in a matter of seconds...... How will she cope up being married to a an It...

  • The Devil's Untainted Possession (English Version) [Bachelor in Love #2]
    606K 7.1K 19

    *PREVIEW ONLY* FULL CHAPTER IS AVAILABLE ON DREAME Highest Rank #108 in Romance Category Evangeline Ramsey (18), a young girl who just begin her college life in New York. She was pure and innocent, a type of girl whom guys will be targeting. She lives alone in one of the biggest city in the world, trying to be properl...

  • His Forever
    311K 11.2K 54

    #Romance # Anna Watson is a funny , sensitivity, innocent 18 year old teenager living her life happily. She doesn't believe in destiny simply believes in present. After being accepted in a university she formed many friends, but when asked about love she is cluless or ...just ignores What if a handsome young man...

  • Kissed by the Alpha
    776K 30K 27

    ║ "It's yours, Angel," he says, his voice husky and deep, "you can stare as much as you want." ║ Emmaline Jones isn't one for surprises. Anybody who knew her could tell you that. So when a hot guy suddenly decides to kiss her straight on the lips, she does the first thing that comes to her mind. . .and punches him...

  • ALISON ✔️
    7.5M 244K 103

    *complete* #1 in fan fiction on 2/7/18 "Your mine and no one else's, are we clear?." he asked looking down on me with an angry expression,I just nodded in fear.

  • She's mine, exclusively mine (COMPLETED)
    7.2M 213K 22

    WARNING!!! MATURE content inside for 18 years old and above! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina was always been a shy girl. She doesn't know how to voice out her opinions and always awkward around people. After what happened to her mom, she was left alone...

  • Virgin Bride
    2.8M 146K 35

    COVER MADE BY Olga_Goa Luca Mariani, a wealthy and powerful man, feared by men, every woman wants him. Being pressured by family to take a wife he comes across a woman who is abused and treated like a slave by her Uncle and cousins. Her name, Robin Potter is a young woman, dressed in loos...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Weakness ✔️ (SAMPLE)
    524K 5.2K 9

    -COMPLETED- "You, my flower, are my weakness." A Billionaire Love Story. Adam Costello CEO of Costello Group of Companies. Ruthless, arrogant and short tempered. Until the day he meets his flower. Rosella Martin An independent, optimistic and cheerful girl who suddenly catches the eye of a dominating billionaire.

  • The Boss takes A Wife
    6.2M 273K 36

    Cover made by XxNytjiexX -- Gabriel Maestri at the age of twenty-nine is one of Italy's youngest and wealthiest businessmen, owning several of the finest hotels in Italy and around the world. He is ruthless, arrogant and cruel. Look at him the wrong way, or say the wrong thing he will...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Precious
    437K 15.1K 41

    She was his world without her knowing it she was the lost hope,for him to return back to normalcy. she was his precious little love. she was the beauty this beast was craving for since he had known what loving someone feels like. But will she ever accept his love or better yet be the light in his dark barren life...

  • Trapped By The Whilson's
    1.5M 59.7K 48

    Xavier Whilson, is your typical billionaire who is rude, arrogant, cold hearted and a devil himself. He is used with getting what he wants and has no respect for anyone besides his family. According to him women are nothing but gold diggers. But all his concepts changed the moment a blue eyed beauty literally jumped i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionaire's Claim
    77.8K 3.4K 20

    What do I do with her? I thought "What do you mean what do I do with her? claim her your's, it was her all the way long and it would be her in the future too. So why thinking ?" my 'mind' said as if it was the easiest thing to do but what it doesn't know is that it would be over once she knows everything and she'd...

  • XAVIERS PRECIOUS ✔ {Editing In Process}
    20.3M 525K 65

    Previously known as The Billionaire wants her. Highest ranking #1 in Romance 03-02-2016 #3 in Romance 09-04-2017 #2 in Romance 17-04-2017 (Book #1 in Manhattan Series) 'I loved her, not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence her demons' - Christopher Pointdextor H...

  • Billionaire's Possessive Love
    6.1M 14.9K 28

    **COMPLETED** **POSTED EXCLUSIVELY ON DREAME & FICFUN** **If you want to read the book for free, download the app called DREAME as the chapters are slowly getting unlocked! Instructions in the chapter 'BPL Chapters FREE Unlock'** When a love story starts, does it ever end? Anna Right, a simple town girl with a chaotic...

  • Mafia Blood | ✔
    3.3M 86.1K 30

    When Gracelyn Belmonte finally ran from her abusive father, she didn't know what the future would bring her. When she was running from her father and her sister she stumbles across Giovanni LaRosa's path. Finally faith took a different turn. But was it a good one? Because from now on she had to deal and live with the...

  • His Camelia [Completed]
    2.8M 120K 53

    ⭐️Romance Hot List: highest rank #20⭐️ She is shy. He is brave. She hides in the shadows. He lives in the spotlight. She wished for a fairy tale ending. He wants to grasp life by the horns. Stefan Steel-a former navy S.E.A.L., a hero, and every girls dream. He recently inherits his grandfathers vast fortunes m...

  • Devils Angels
    101K 4.2K 13

    Jamie has just turned 18 and took custody of her 12 year old brother Sam, with the little money she had she brought a little bus so they could have a roof over there head and a place to sleep. Very despite to make some money she goes looking for a cleaning job a machine shop, which also happens to be run be the local...

  • My Childhood lover
    33.6K 950 6

    17 year old Hayden Rossi is in her junior year of high school and just moved back from the Philippines with her mother. She was always the quiet and the innocent one. Her best friend Blake Hood always had a crush on her and protected her from anything bad in the world. When she moved he promised her that they will b...

  • In His Heart... (Till Death Part Us Not.) *Knight Lovers 1*
    211K 8.7K 30

    Previously named as, "The Billionaire's Heart. (A Cursed Marriage.) WARNING:- Not your typical billionaire love story. Ranked 1 in #cursed on May 11, 2018 Ranked 53 in romance on March 13, 2018 *** Think you've read all the greatest love stories, ever written? Then, take a look at this one! ~ "She is an angel." He mut...

  • Only his
    758K 17.6K 20

    I felt his nose run up and down along jaw and collarbone. Every few seconds he left soft kisses that made shivers run through my body. His arms were wrapped around me tight, still they were tightening around me pulling me closer to him. "W-what d-do you w-want?" I whispered to him. I hate that I stuttered. His arms...

  • Innocence #1
    938K 21.2K 19

    Ella Mathews sees the world through innocent eyes. She is sweet, understanding, and everyone just instantly likes her. When she starts her new job at Collins Industry as a personal assistant to the head Collins himself, she wasn't expecting to be attracted to him. Blake Collins has everything he could ever want in lif...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Billionaire's love story
    372K 13.4K 46

    "She Loves him more than he will ever know.... He Loves her more than he will ever show......" ................. ............ .............. He said I am his life, I didn't believe him.He said I am his everything, I still didn't believe him. I mean how can someone like him fall for me, right? But maybe I should've be...

  • A Billionaire's Desire (Completed)
    4.7M 155K 97

    Salina is a young innocent English beauty. Demetrius POV: I had fallen for the innocent beauty but this angry blazing beauty enticed me.She looked ravishing. Her shyness had made me thought that she had totally taken after her English mother but this display of emotions showed that there was Greek blood circulating u...

    Completed   Mature
  • MINE TO LOVE: Billionaire's Rosaliya
    1.2M 36K 51

    [completed] Rosaliya sierra stavros: rose was just like any other normal 22 years old person in this world but truly beautiful inside out. Brown long hair, curves in all right places and innocent looking hazel eyes .she is truly gorgeous and kind of shy ,clumsy girl.she doesn't have a family except her grandma and 3 h...

    Completed   Mature