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  • Yaoi Bitch! Males x Male Reader! one-shots!
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    This is for all of us who are a Yaoi Bitch, a little Fan Fiction of you and male characters (if your a girl ur welcome to join this crazy adventure but keep in mind your a boy). Request will be open until the day I die! Hope you enjoy this crazy adventure!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher
    5.1K 146 8

    So..if you've read my other book "Stranger From The Street"..Then you know I already used Mr. Jefferson. BUT..I wanted to again. This story is mainly about Jennasey and Mr. J (Duh). Well..from the cover photo..I'm pretty sure you can make an inference of what's going down😉. Here's a scene! "Mr. J-Jefferson?! What are...

  • Mark Jefferson fanfic ~ Nights In The Dark Room
    3.9K 49 3

    For all you fangirls of this psychotic famous photographer at Blackwell Academy. You begin your life at Blackwell with an inspiration and dream to have your photos shown in a great gallery and your famous teacher sees a gift in you- and he admires it. Little do you know, he's not just interested in your photos.

  • ~The Dark Room~
    1.6K 30 3

    a life is strange reader x Mr Jefferson x Nathan fanfic. it's my first one so I hope ya enjoy. I had a lot of fun writing this. cx You're a student at Blackwell academy. And Mark has been trying to get close to you for a while. So he's giving you a special project. Completely unaware of his true intentions, you decide...

  • Truth Behind Those Specs
    605 33 9

    Life is Strange Fanfic Mark Jefferson and Max Caulfield have very different views behind their lenses, but if placed together, they're not so different than they expected. Jefferson and Caulfield learn amongst one another that there are several different things behind ones view, but there is only one lense that expose...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life is strange: After the storm
    249 22 2

    Meine Heimat. Ihre Heimat. Unsere Heimat. Arcadia Bay liegt in Trümmern und es ist meine Schuld. Ich habe sie alle umbebracht, um Chloe zu retten. Kate, Warren, Victoria, Alyssa, Joyce, David und all' die anderen sind tot, weil ich es so wollte. Und das schlimme ist: Ich bereue meine Entscheidung nicht. Ich habe Angs...

  • Hot For A Teacher (Life Is Strange: Jefferson x Reader)
    4.3K 78 5

    You're a new student at Blackwell. A school filled with some of the greatest programs in the nation. You chosen the path of a photographer, leaving you in the hands of Mark Jefferson an Arcadia Bay-born famous photographer. He's pretty cute. More like hot. Let's see what this story unfolds.

  • Capture Me (Mark Jefferson X Reader)
    14.4K 305 20

    Again...I'm bored and I feel like Mr. Jefferson doesn't get enough love. He is one of my favorite characters...and he's super cool until he's taking the pictures of Max...then he's creepy. But Mark Jefferson needs the same amount of love as the rest...and that's what I'm here for. NOTE- I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES USED...

  • Life is Stranger
    74K 3.1K 172

    An alternate version of the narrative of Life is Strange where Chloe acquires the powers instead of Max. Contains explicit language, mild erotica and mature themes including suicide, drug use, violence, institutional neglect/abuse and same-sex relationships. Whilst not essential, you will take far more from this tale...

  • Life Is Strange | One-shots
    209K 4.1K 36

    The only way to make the world of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy come closer is to read one-shots about it. Let me help you out! Here you go, a series of one-shots about all your favourite characters, varying from Max to Frank and even Victoria! You're welcome :)

  • Photograph|Mark Jefferson|
    2K 53 4

    Mr. Jefferson has taken interest in the new student at Blackwell, Sparrow Evans. •Sexual content(later on), swearing, violence) *Unedited*

  • Mark Jefferson's Past: Life is Strange Fanfiction (ON HOLD)
    1K 30 3

    We all know and understand what really happened after the truth came to light. But what really caused seemingly lovable and respectable Mark Jefferson to develop a whole other callous, vicious personality underneath that drove him to commit murder & undermine the dignity of teenage girls? A/N: My own little twist o...

  • A Jefferfield Christmas
    213 7 1

    A sequel one shot after Our Dark Room. Max and Mark take a trip up to his cabin and spend the holidays.

  • Dance With The Devil | Mark Jefferson one shot collection [On Hold]
    7.7K 171 8

    "Dance With The Devil" is a collection of Mark Jefferson x Reader one shots, most of which have come from my own imagination (a couple requests may be thrown in the mix). There's a balance of "fluff" and dark shorts of varying degrees, which will be indicated by "Dark", "Grey", or "Light". For the time being, I am not...

  • Our Dark Room
    416 9 1

    Life has never been so strange. In this AU, Max embraces her dark side and becomes Mark Jefferson's accomplice and lover. Find out what really goes on in their dark room.

    Completed   Mature
  • JefferField One Shots
    3.5K 66 3

    These are a bunch of JEFFERFIELD one shots. Duh. If you hate this ship well get your ass out of here.

  • Should I Or Should I Not?
    43.8K 1.7K 47

    A mark Jefferson x reader fan-fiction. Mark gets pulled into doing the dirty work for the Prescotts. He has to decide between good and bad. When you come along, he struggles. How will he pull through? Can he change fate? What actually happened?

    Completed   Mature
  • Mark Jefferson x Reader (Life is Strange)
    17.4K 324 4

    Okay, I in NO WAY support what Jefferson is doing. I just thought it would be fun to write a fanfiction outside of the norm. Annddd someone requested it... sooo yeah. An assistant teacher who doesn't believe in love and is new to Blackwell, came to settle down in arcadia, with her new job, lovable teachers and studen...