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  • Plagg meets Marinette
    399K 14.5K 26

    Plagg was bored. He was just sitting in Adrien's bag with absolutely nothing to do. He was just about to fall asleep when he smelled cheese. He couldn't pass this up, besides Adrian wouldn't miss him for five minutes. The smell was coming from the girl who sat behind Adrien bag. He secretly went into the bag to find a...

  • What Heroes Are
    129K 7.9K 47

    Wattys 2018 Longlist. | Previously a featured story. | Complete. Renauda Kelso has a secret. More than just one actually, seeing as being a superhero requires keeping more than just her identity hidden. When an attempt to stop a crime goes terribly wrong, she finds herself in a spot of trouble. And then miraculously...

  • The Unwanted
    177K 11.5K 54

    "Let the Lightning Engulf you" 15-year-old Alexander Charon embarks on his journey at a new school as he struggles to form bonds and relationships with those around him. He begins to unravel his hidden talents forcing his life to take an ​unexpected turn. He must now use his newly found skills to solve mysteries and p...

  • Rainbow Magic (Dragon Rider #1)
    870K 53.5K 62

    The colour of your magic decides everything. From whether you're a simple mage or a coveted dragon rider. Even your job and rank. Born to two parents without any form of magic, Sora Williams isn't holding out much hope when her sixteenth birthday comes around. She doubts she'll even obtain the lowest form of magic, bu...

  • The Princess Spy
    58.2K 1.9K 19

    Isabella Maria Woodworth, or Izzy, never intended to marry Prince Jackson. However, her name is drawn at the Grand Choosing Ceremony, thanks to her bratty sister, Addison. Falling in love with Prince Jackson isn't even her biggest problem, Izzy has a secret identity as a spy and the Dark Lord, an evil villain who esca...

  • The Shy Girl Has a Gun
    40M 1M 49

    Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was in love with Jace, the obnoxious player who she couldn't have, and her biggest worry was whether or not he would finally come to his senses and see th...

  • Angel Academy
    2M 95.4K 65

    For years angel academy has taught students of all races and ability's, angels, werewolves, vampires, dragon riders, you name it. The school was created for a purpose, to help students reach their full potential and rise against the demons that vow to destroy the world as we know it. But one girl changes everything...

  • Fallen Angels
    34.6K 1.1K 42

    Hannah just moved to to a new city and instantly she is thrown in a whole new life. After meeting Andy Biersack on her first day of school she moves out of her psycho mom's house into the boys house that they all share together. Hannah brings a whole new life into the house and Andy gives Hannah the safety that she al...

  • A Fallen Angel
    18.8K 562 43

    Archangel Sariel is sent to Earth (as a hunter) to watch and guide Dean and Sam Winchester throughout their journey. They all had a destiny until a demon named Azazel changed the destiny by killing Dean and Sam's mother Mary. Sariel must help Dean and Sam without them finding out that she is an angel. This is a fan fi...

  • Come on Alta
    82 2 9

    What happens to a family before they tear apart? What causes such pain and hopelessness? Welp that doesn't matter because this story. Your story. Is the beginning of what seemed perfect.

  • The Lost Archangel
    4.5K 126 7

    Jessica is one of God's many creations. Made shortly after Gabriel, she was the last archangel. In being created last, her brothers assumed she would be the weakest. They were wrong. A fight broke out between Michael and his father over why God had made a woman stronger than Michael. God defended Jessica, ignoring Mic...

  • A Secret Service [COMPLETED]
    15.8M 782K 60

    "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to dislocate your other shoulder, just to make them even." She cocked her head and gave the main guy a sickly sweet smile. "I'm going to break your wrist, taking away your ba...

  • The Fifth Arch Angel
    27.5K 733 7

    It was said that there was only four arch angels. But in a desperate time, Sam and Dean learn there was a fifth. One they had to rescue from hell with the help of Castiel. For only she, could summon her brothers and keep them there. With all the arch angels reunited, and Winchesters, they can stop the rising of poss...

  • Hiccup the Night Fury
    64K 2.4K 68

    The full moon floated over the Berk cove, illuminating two figures; a female Viking holding a double-bladed axe and a sad looking Night Fury. Very short chapters. There is a combined chapters version on my profile. #1 weredragon #1 hicstrid #1 hypnosis #1 gothi #1 mildew #4 stormfly #8 stoick #9 transformation

  • New Life Ahead [HTTYD]
    71.4K 2.7K 25

    Hiccup finally had the chance to be the Viking he never was. But he never brought down the knife. Instead, he freed the most notorious dragon ever known in Berk. But what if this one simple act of kindness resulted in Hiccup's life changing in a way he never expected? Hiccup will have to decide if this change is eithe...

  • The Youngling
    15K 641 17

    AU. A few months after Kanan joined Hera & Chopper on the Ghost they get a choice between two missions that force Kanan to deal with his past. To avoid stepping foot on Kaller again he chooses to investigate the disappearance of a couple on Lothal. When the mission takes a shocking twist. A long forgotten assignment t...

  • The Wingless Angel
    12.2K 363 12

    Ezra's mother was a angel and his father a human. He received his mother's angel like characteristics but his father's human look, meaning no wings but instead the force abilities his father had. Once his parents were killed he had lived on his own. 2 years later Hera found him and took him in to be a part of her smal...

  • The Alphas mate is a little fishy
    37.8K 1.3K 4

    Werewolves get the power from the Moon as we all know. They are tan and transform into large wolves. All are born with a soul mate, one that is meant for them and only them. It was never declared that a wolf only gets another wolf as mate though that is usually the case, but since there are other supernatural beings i...

  • American Dragon-The Black Dragon
    2.5K 85 6

    What if Jake had a twin sister? What if they both trained and protected the city? And what would happen if somehow a magical artefact caused strange side effects to the cities resident Black Dragon?? Well there's only one thing to say.....DRAGON UP! (Missy is my OC but I do not own American Dragon...I wish I did)

  • Dark Side (Completed)
    66.8K 4.1K 33

    Johanna is a villain, but only because she has to be. Being a hero doesn't pay the bills. But when she dives into the world of heroes and villains, she finds that she hates the system. Nobody is who they say they are. It isn't until her mother is taken from a mysterious part of her past, and a retired hero comes back...

  • Neither Lady nor Pirate (Complete)
    252K 14.5K 40

    Abbie has never been what one would call a typical lady. Trying to keep up with England's rich and powerful is far too much work, and Abbie has never enjoyed the endless games of chasing acknowledgement form her peers. When she's engaged rather unwillingly to the wealthiest lord in London, she knows without a doubt...

  • Lost Wings
    642K 51.4K 36

    With her mother's diary in hand, Hailey now has more chance of finding her than ever. Her search will lead her on a journey to one of the more obscure places of the kingdom of Aeolus where she will discover creatures she thought were only legends. Meanwhile, she can't forget that the enemy army from the Outlands is...

  • Would You Still Love Me?
    25.3K 740 24

    It's been 6 years since everyone left Hogwarts. Harry is the top Auror in the wizarding world, Ron married Lavender after being dejected by Hermione and Hermione... Things happened in her first year out of Hogwarts that she is not willing to say and she is working a new job that she will not describe. She keeps in tou...

  • The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty Award Winner
    2.3M 107K 108

    Every human baby is killed beneath the waves, with one exception--the one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancient magic sweeping over them. They are called the One-Hundreds. But when one of the gifted rises, the darkness chases after her and hunts her down, lovi...

  • The Academy ((EDITING))
    2.6M 139K 120

    Of course, this story began with a dark secret. They all knew that when they first set foot in the Academy. Eri, shy, gentle, and passionate about magic. Lila, rebellious and kind. Marcus, determined and wise. As they hone their skills in magic, perhaps they will discover more than what they thought they would... High...

  • Secret Wings
    8.7M 275K 46

    Hailey always thought she had a pretty ordinary life. The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth. Soon, though, her mother is not the most important thing on the young girl's mind as she discovers a hidden side of herself and...

  • The Hollow Ball
    3.6M 174K 54

    There are no winners. There is no survival. Once a person steps through the doors of the Hollow Ball, they never come back.

  • Emma Potter (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)
    1.1M 28.8K 55

    What if Harry's parent's didn't die? And what if Harry had a younger sister?!? Follow Emma potter throughout her life at Hogwarts in Emma Potter. Cover By: @hermione96

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    3.2M 198K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • saving granger; a theomione
    67.7K 1.8K 32

    Theodore Nott is a womanizer who has never had a lasting connection with anyone. Hermione Granger is a girl who is suffering in silence. When everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war to redo their seventh year, Theo finds out about a secret that Hermione has been hiding from everyone. Follow this Slytherin and...

    Completed   Mature