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  • Adopted by Stampy?
    638 14 5

    A story about a ten year old girl getting adopted by Stampylongnose

  • Stampy And Sqaishey
    21.2K 223 17

    Stampy and Sqaishey's relationship is more real than ever. they are presently dating ever since the second of august. In this book Stampy and Sqaishey become really close friends but eventually it gets more than that when they stay together for a month. Yes there will be ups and downs but everything will work for the...

  • Our Love Story Sqampy
    30.4K 772 27

    two youtubers, stampylonghead and sqaishey quack, meet on a minecraft server and soon start dating. they go on to get married and have a family together but along with lots of drama

  • Sqampy and the MAC's mysteries.
    29.7K 1K 42

    Hi guys! This is my first story that I am putting on watt-pad and I hope that you enjoy reading it. Anyways, this book may have a sequel, it depends on how well the book gets. This book is about the ups and the downs that Stampy, Sqaishey, Amy, and Squid have. Sqaishey lives her regular life but once she meets stampy...

  • True love (stampy and sqaishey)
    8.9K 51 38

    * This was the first fic I wrote, I am not in this fandom anymore, spelling and grammar mistakes can be found easily in this fic so you have been warned.

  • The Unexpected
    105 4 2

    Two girls called Vickie and Beth are best friends and both love mine craft and now two youtuber called Dan and Iballisticsquid and want to marry them one day and so there dreams come true and they meet them but will they regret it later and will they stay with Dan and Iballisticsquid or will they find someone else...

  • Adopted by the MAC
    2.2K 101 19

    Lily has lived in the orphanage for almost her entire life! Her parents died by saving her in a hurricane. Since then she was sent to the orphanage and met new friends. She will also meet new family. STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm working on the cover!)

  • Sqampy ♥️
    273 11 4

  • Sqampy: Trapped...
    1.5K 69 13

    This a magic animal club fan-fiction!

  • Squampy <3
    1.8K 43 5

    Basically it's a book about Stampy and Sqaishey falling in love :)

  • Sqamy love
    12.5K 533 31

    Hi guys! This is going to be my second book on wattpad! So I really hope that you enjoy it! This book is basically going to be about how Sqamy ( amylee33 and Iballisticsquid) becomes a thing and the many ups and downs that they have to go through to make it work. Some disastrous events take place, will these events s...

  • A Year with Sqampy
    76.2K 1.8K 35

    Sqaishey is a huge fan of the MAC, especially StampyLongNose. One day, she make a video that changes her whole life for the better. However, will her past stop her from finding out the full impact of what the video will mean for her future. Follow 2 Youtubers on 1 year of their lives, and find out if they find love wi...

  • The Love of Sqampy
    3.7K 75 10

    We all know that something is going on between Stampy and Sqaishey. This is a story on how they met and the romantic love story. Enjoy :)

  • The Life of Stampy and Sqaishey (minecraft edition)
    28.2K 620 35

    It's stampy's last year of high school and he's going to the senior prom! But what happens if he can't find a date? Will he stand through the night with his friends or have his dreams come true? And what will happen even after that? New friends? New love? New... PERSON TO TAKE CARE OF?! Find out in my first ever minec...

  • Squamy
    5.8K 198 23

    This is a book about squid and Amy It has loads of twists and turns and also sorry for any Spelling or punctuation mistakes anyway on with the story...

  • True Love (A Stampy and Sqaishey fanfic)
    13.2K 232 20

    Sqaishey, A.K.A Beth, a fun, loving teen, and Stampy, A.K.A Joseph, a funny, playful, guy, fall for each other and have quite a journey on their way. Will they have the fairytale ending everyone dreams of or will the outcome be something worse than they ever imagined?

  • The Battle of Life
    13.9K 453 52

    This is kind of like the 4th part to 'After Us' by Lily12Mermaid. I enjoyed all three of those books so much, so I decided to write my own book, and decided to base it off of the last book of her series. But I couldn't have done it all myself. I had the help of my amazing friend, Elizabeth. Together, we wrote this boo...

  • Stampy and Sqaishey Love Story
    92.7K 2.2K 54

    A Stampylongnose and SqaisheyQuack Love Story. Please don't take anything seriously. I'm not actually sure if they are together but I still wanted to make this story! xx

  • Stampys love life
    668 8 3

    About stampy and sqaishey and how they meet. btw this is not real

  • The Perfect Couples
    10.9K 528 27

    Amy who was good friends with Squid and Stampy introduces her best friend Sqaishey to Stampy. Both Sqaishey and Stampy finally express their feelings for each other and not longer after that Amy and Squid do the same. Will the "Perfect Couples" remain perfect forever? Find out here.

  • The Dark side of a duck!!!
    1.3K 54 8

    No one knows, but sqaishey has a twin sister named Chica!! In this short touching story. Chica and the other animatronics give up on themselves, for their family's sake. Learn about the true hearts of them. Maybe they aren't so bad after all.

  • The Story of Stampy
    102 6 1

    Based on the "Quest For..." series. - Stampy and Squid's town is jolly as could be, but when an old friend of Stampy's ruins everything. What could this mean for Stampy and the gang? - Stampy x Squaishey.

    2.7K 87 8

    WOOOOOOO ME AND MAGIC ANIMAL CLUB (and possibly other characters) are doing TRUTH OR DAAAAAAAARRRREE

  • MAC OneShots,
    4.5K 86 5

  • Not Just A Console-Amylee,iballisticsquid,Stampylongnose FanFiction.
    10.6K 253 12

    Stampylongnose, iballisticsquid, and AmyLee33 all meet up, thinking nothing of it. That was until they heard a groaning sound coming from the bottom floor. Once they venture into the living room, where the sound was coming from, they are shocked to see a rotting corpse...That's walking. It could be defined by one word...

  • Stampylongnose summer
    25K 866 60

    School has just ended in Scotland and 15 year old Lee is heading to Great Britain to be with is best friend Sqaishey and his other great friends Amy, stampy, Squid, Rosie, Netty, and Tomohawk. He hopes to have the best summer ever... But will he? Will he help sqaishey decide between Stampy and Squid? And will he land...