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  • 24 Hours in Paris
    2M 55.5K 32

    "Adorably sweet and a brilliant read! It made me feel like I was roaming the streets of Paris without having to leave my couch." - Grace @ HQ Mira finds herself stuck in the city of love with Jake, the playboy athlete she can't stand. What she doesn't expect is for major sparks to fly on their 24-hour adventure. But c...

  • The Runaway Bride
    592K 15K 18

    Simone Mercer was your typical spoiled rotten heiress. But after being left at the altar, she decided to run away from her past. With only the money she got from pawning her Harry Winston engagement ring, Simone ventures out from her safety net and finds herself in the small town of River Falls. But life in a small...

  • My Spring Break Fiasco
    46.1K 1.3K 23

    Emma Black is just your average pastor's daughter, a little quirky, a little shy, and very passionate about her friends and family. Over spring break of her senior year of high school, she flies to Florida to spend time with her ailing grandmother and wily grandfather. What she doesn't plan on, however, is meeting...

  • Travel Drabbles
    29.8K 2.3K 136

    After quitting our jobs, my partner and I hopped on a one-way flight to Asia to spend six months exploring. Come along for the ride! Journey through historic and busy China, beachy and rural Thailand, temple-tastic Myanmar, delicious and sleek Malaysia, the stunning and surprising Philippines, jaw-dropping, adventure...