• Queen & Commander (Book One of the Hive Queen Saga)
    3.8K 232

    UPDATES EVERY FRIDAY. Spaceships. Blackmail. Anywhere but here. On a world where high school test scores determine your future, six students rebel. They’ll ou...

  • Adaptation
    1.6K 19

    This is a prequel short story to The Cloud Roads, the first novel in the Books of the Raksura series, which is available from Night Shade Books in paperback, e...

  • The Forest Boy
    91.8K 453

    This is a another prequel short story to The Cloud Roads, the first novel in the Books of the Raksura series, which is available from Night Shade Books in pape...

  • Genesis (Prophecy Rock Series, Book 1)
    42.5K 1.7K

    As rumors swirl across the war torn lands of Eos of a possible Candidate-the long prophesied savior of peace-young Raden Nite finds himself unexpectedly chosen...

  • A Canadian Werewolf in New York
    15.6K 747

    Being a werewolf isn't all about howling at the moon and running carelessly through boundless fields feeling the wind in your fur. For Michael Andrews, a Cana...

  • Rise and Fall: Book One of the Blood and Tears Trilogy
    59.2K 2.8K

    An ill-prepared queen, a soft-hearted mercenary, and a crippled warrior struggle as a kingdom falls and an empire rises. For years the High Mages of Cadonia h...

  • The Lion of Cairo
    3.7K 116

    It is the middle of the 12th century . . . On the banks of the Nile, in a city alive with intrigue, Caliph Rashid al-Hasan rules as a figurehead over a crumbl...

  • Diviner's Prophecy [Book One Diviner's Trilogy]
    81K 3.6K

    Death consumes Maea's nights and visions haunt her days. Her search for an escape from her nightmare, leads her to Prince Adair. He has his own secrets to hide...

  • Child of Brii - Part I
    1.4K 104

    This is part I of Child of Brii. The original Child of Brii novel contained three parts. The second two parts are in the process of becoming one whole novella...

  • Stormraven
    5.5K 388

    When a series of recently discovered sylvan scrolls are translated, they speak of the existence of a previously unknown site built by the ancient and long lost...

  • The Emperor's Edge
    508K 18.1K

    Imperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job: she can deter thieves and pacify thugs, if not with a blade, then by toppling an eight-foot pile of...

  • The Medium
    1.3M 15.7K

    Seventeen year-old spirit medium Emily Chambers has a problem. Actually, she has several. As if seeing dead people isn't a big enough social disadvantage, she...

  • Feyland: The Bright Court
    210K 7.9K

    What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the dangerous Realm of Faerie? ~ Book 2 in the Feyland trilogy, YA Urban Fantasy ~ INSIDE THE GAME... Jen...

  • Flash Gold (a steampunk adventure set in the Yukon)
    11.9K 890

    Eighteen-year-old Kali McAlister enters her steam-powered "dogless sled" in a race, intending to win the thousand-dollar prize and escape remote Moose Hollow f...

  • Princess Rose and the Crystal Castle
    74.5K 304

    Princess Rose carries a dangerous curse. Everyone loves her. When she turns away each of the princes des­perate to marry her, one takes mat­ters into his own...