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  • Phantasm
    237 25 2

    Barranir Nightbrook lives on borrowed time. Will he have enough to right his many wrongs? (Temp. summary) [Part of the "Mageverse" - I'd recommend reading Mage (A Skyrim Fanfic) before this for best experience!]

  • Mage (A Skyrim Fanfic)
    77.7K 4.7K 41

    Helvia Abgrall, a naïve and restless young Breton farm girl, leaves her comfortable and uneventful life at her family's farmstead in High Rock in hopes of attending Skyrim's College of Winterhold. She longs to learn more about magic and how to use it, as well as to experience life in a land she's only heard stories of...

  • Dusk's Journey [A Skyrim Fanfic]
    11.6K 1K 25

    Dusk lived a normal life in Solitude with her family, but she had always suspected something was off. She wasn't like the other Dark Elves, and was particularly good at thieving. Then she became an adult, and her parents gave her a journal instructing her to travel around Skyrim in search of her birth parents. But as...