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  • Treasuring Diamond(s) 🥂 || Lil Pump Fanfiction (under construction)
    11.2K 390 55

    Every treasury has its back story . You can find it in book one - Another Mans Treasure Book 2 ,

  • Abusive
    2.8M 84.1K 102

    Mani is a girl who's in a abusive relationship she has been dealing with it for 2 years until she finally get away and get help from a man she don't know . Read the book and Enjoy !

  • Salvation ( Completed..editing)
    1.9M 97.4K 75

    Anthony Alsina was doing a ten year sentence for something he didn't do. He found out that his girlfriend had taken everything he owned immediately after he was sent way. Upon release he strides to get what she took and then some. The only problem is that something gets in his way of doing that. Dawn Sanders has been...

  • Anonymous Flaws
    3.5K 96 11

    Adalyn Lockhart is a 18 year old college freshman at Brooke University, who is studying to become a lawyer. She attends her first day of class & is approaches by the infamous Dorjaé Radcliffe, that blows her mind with the looks he was blessed with, but he's known as the jock of the campus and is a senior. Dorjaé who p...

  • Life After Marriage Book 3
    3.9M 175K 116

    August and Amber newly married learn to navigate the tricky waters of married life. Trilogy to If That's What It Takes.

  • The Bodyguard
    3.8M 141K 40

    After the unexpected death of her uncle, 21-year-old, Ivy Burgos' father assigns her a bodyguard. She is spoiled, temperamental, and pissed off. But, her father leaves her with no choice. The last thing Kellen Sanders wants to do is watch over a boujie, spoiled brat. But, after his boss takes him off the streets, and...

  • The Bodyguard 2: Test of Our Love
    1.4M 56.7K 34

    This is the sequel to The Bodyguard. You MUST read that book first. I repeat YOU MUST READ THE BODYGUARD FIRST. It's six months later and Ivy and Kellen have started a new life in Sacramento, California. Things seem to be going perfect between the two, but things are not always as they appear. Will their love for e...

  • No Love: The Sequel (August Alsina Love Story)
    78.8K 2.3K 41

    The Sequel To No Love

  • No Love (August Alsina Love Story)
    573K 12.9K 65

    A preachers daughter and the schools star football players gets caught up in a world of games , jealousy, and anger.

  • Epiphany
    1.3M 45.6K 38

    So, I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend.. I’m leaving, I’m leaving No more wondering what you’ve been doing Where you been sleeping.. It’s over.. I’m leaving, I’m leaving..

    Completed   Mature