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  • Under Her Spell
    34.9K 3K 16

    Sang Sorenson is a witch. A pretty powerful one at that. And she's content with living her life as simply as possible. After a lifetimes worth of horrors, she just wants to keep her head down. But then the Blackbourne-Toma Team comes into her life and make her realize she wants so much more. While the boys are taske...

  • The Demon Kings Mate (Book 1)#wattys2015
    267K 8.9K 33

    *Dark Lust Series * It was eight p.m. and oddly my house was dark, I got an eerie chill as I unlocked the front door. I stepped inside and struggled to find the light switch and someone cleared there throat. "Do not be alarmed."The man replied. "Says the shadowy figure in my living room." I snorted. He clicked on th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon Bride
    1.7K 229 36

    Karlie walked numbly and quietly. She shivered as she was barefoot in the deep snow as the king's son and the high priest marched her to the sacred grove. Tonight she would be sacrificed to appease the dragon. The entire community walked with her, some weeping others laughing and taunting. They carried burning torches...

  • Julia's baby, Bk 2 - Oh, Mama.
    164K 3.1K 29

    Julia, just months from becoming a full-werewolf, is now halfway through her pregnancy, has officially hooked up with the father of her babies ...sort of... and on the run from the Alpha that destroyed her Pack. Her Pack, having escaped an attempt to destroy them and having suffered some terrible loss in the process...

  • The Royal Servant
    40.3K 1.2K 24

    Charlotte Valentino's life was changed when an Alpha took an interest in her. She went from being orphaned and lonely to having a purpose in life. With this, Charlotte was unaware of how one simple interaction would impact her entire life. Leonidas and Kaiden Black were two infamous twins of a long lineage of ruthles...

  • Feral
    187K 10.5K 43

    DEFINITELY YOUR ATYPICAL STORY, JUST A HEADS UP -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- She was a goddess, they were her worhshipers, and they ruled the wood Her pack is feral, feral packs were myth to his kind these days, but there she was, in her full naked glory, surrounded by wolves. This female knew the wild around her, and...

  • Shallows (Preview)
    9.2K 498 46

    The sea isn't safe. Only the bravest and strongest become sailors. Luminescent mermaids roam the depths and the shallows, mouthing words no one can hear, never surfacing. Raised all his life in an island fishing village, bookish Emerson Kadwell has always been warned away from the shore. But an infant memory of a son...

  • The Billionaire's Price (L.A. Players #1) - PREVIEW ONLY
    6.6M 87.2K 13

    "You don't have to like me, Ms. Slade. But if you deliver results, I might be able to tolerate your presence in my home." Fresh out of graduate school, aspiring author Victoria Slade is lucky to land a job as a tutor to an adopted overachieving ten-year-old boy. However, her boss - the stern, enigmatic billionaire Seb...

  • Fatal Contingencies (Book 2, the Fatal Trilogy Series)
    4.3M 225K 42

    Alyssa and Daimon's future is in deep trouble when his dead fiancée comes back to life and the alpha of the top pack, Pablo, threatens to come for their blood. ***** Daimon's long-lost fiancée, Stacey, who was believed to be dead the last five year...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fatal Instincts (Book 1, the Fatal Trilogy Series)
    9.6M 416K 50

    Alyssa Barnes must conquer her monsters or risk becoming one herself - but gang leader Daimon Kross might be a dangerous distraction. ***** Past traumas have taught Alyssa Barnes to not shy away from dangerous men and to show no fear, not even when...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Owns Him
    21K 999 3

    A chosen eighty-year-old chainsmoker armed with stab-tastic knitting needles and a metallic cane must be trained by Alice-a mysterious teenage girl-to complete her prophecy and save Earth. While this old prophet is close to completing her destiny, her mentor Alice struggles with her new hunger: she can now eat werewol...

  • The Bad Boy's.....What?
    11.5M 276K 38

    I don't know how it happened. One minute I'm living an extremely lonely life and all it takes is getting lost to change all of that. But, change is good, right? Yeah, if you take the fact that I was entrusted with the most adorable little girl as good. Throw in a reunion with a twin brother that I haven't s...

  • Under His Roof
    4.5M 124K 38

    When Kimberly's family can't afford to send her to Miami with the rest of her friends, she is forced to spend her spring break at the house of her father's friend, Julian Carter. Kimberly was not happy with the arrangement and prepared herself for a boring spring break. What she didn't expect though, was for Julian to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy Unknown
    9.9M 387K 57

    Moira King had been cheated on, stabbed in the back, and broken beyond repair --be it her father, her best friend, or her boyfriend; she's had enough. So, with that in mind, she gave up on the idea of finding love and opted to become a mother through sperm donation. That way, she could have a child, sans having to pos...

  • Alpha Ocean ✔
    2.1M 106K 70

    "WATTPAD FEATURED BOOK" Highest Rank: #2 In Werewolf WARNING: NON CLICHE. "Move or I'll put soap in your eyes." I warned, as Ocean continued to block every step of mine. "You're the one who's in MY way... YOU move." He commanded with a hint of amusement in his voice. "If you don't move I'll nipple cripple you...

  • Immortali
    131K 11K 46

    It was a normal day. It was a normal tree. It was an ordinary accident. It could've happened to anyone. But the girl that fell out of the tree wasn't just anyone. Meet Raina Mads; she's your average fourteen year old dreamer until, one day, she has a fatal accident. She should've died, but death was an acquaintance...

  • Spellbinders Secret
    124K 9.1K 39

    Welcome to Celestia, the realm of the Spellbinders, and it's many countries. Ella is a Spellbinder who has been a member of The Resistance for almost as long as she can remember, and while she may only be 16, she's their strongest warrior. Times are hard for the Resistance. The Cursed Ones they fight everyday to keep...

  • Midnight Snack
    246K 9.2K 29

    Enter Serenity, or Ren as she prefers to be called. She spent her life growing up in an orphanage, feeling unwanted and a freak. She belonged to a very wealthy family who abandoned her because of her weird trait. Her white hair. They tried everything but the color always changed back to normal after a while. So natura...

  • Bedding Camp
    5.1M 332K 117

    "Our women cannot be wooed." Warned the King. "They have not met my men." The Sovereign replied. In Rowland, a kingdom void of love, where even a kiss is unheard of, Illyria is the prim and proper niece of the King, and his unofficial body guard. This princess has never been sated with her position, and has done ev...

  • Mate To A Dragon
    262K 9.7K 25

    " Your mine, Sue. My mate," He snarls and takes a step closer. *** Susan Cloy (Sue) thought she was normal. Little did she know that she was a dragon. Also, she has a mate who is a dragon too. Sue has no idea that she is a dragon, I mean come on.. she lives a normal life, there no way that's possible...right? Wrong...

  • From innocent, naive little pup to kickass warrior princess {Wattys2016}
    207K 7.2K 19

    Hey there! I'm Aria Ried I'm 15 years old and this is my story of my so called mate rejecte me. Yes I've been one of the packs Omegas since I lost my mom. Yes I get daily beatings. Yes my mate turns out to be the asshole known as the future Alpha. No I wasn't in love with him before hand ... honestly I hated him. Yes...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Pregnant! with my teacher/vampire baby
    699K 13.3K 36

    *I AM TERRIBLE AT WRITING THESE... BUT HERE WE GO* -Besides being verbally and physically abuse by her family, Ebony Larson is just your Normal teenager.. she does what she is told she never gets into trouble everybody loves her..But all that changed when her best friends talked her into going to a club.And there she...

  • Dark Blood
    299K 16.7K 17

    {Completed}Lila has a secret. She has a muddy blood line that has her dealing with a deformations, ones that she tries to hide from others as best she can no matter what pain it may cause her. Lila just wants to be normal. When she begins seeing familiar eyes everywhere she looks she realizes someone else may know her...

  • From Princess Warrior Downgrade To Alpha Female
    459K 13.1K 31

    i'm a princess and a princess of what you may ask? my father is a werewolf, ohh wait. he is THE werewolf. he is king of all werewolf and my mother is the Queen of Vampire and so i am princess of both and i'll be that for a very long time. people don't know me cause i am very powerful, even stronger than my parents. my...

  • Against The Rules
    65.2K 2.6K 18

    Kylie Lefèvre is a 18years old popular spoiled rich girl going in her senior year of high school. She's the daughter of two well known surgeons, a head cheerleader and queen bee. Her twin brother Kyle is a hot popular jock at school. It was the last week of summer and Kylie was hanging out with her friends, her eyes c...

  • The Countdown
    83K 5.8K 15

    Ten minutes left on the clock that was attached to my wrist as a baby. We're all given them, and while I'm not entirely sure how they work, they've yet to be wrong. Some people never get to meet their soul mates, their other half dies before they get the chance. When this happens your clock stops, and while it never f...

  • On My Own
    135K 8.8K 23

    Sang's been on her own for about seven months. She's also approximately... oh seven months pregnant. Not that the guys knew this when they made the decision that she was safer away from them and the chaos that the Academy brings. Sang's a clean slate. She has been since she woke up in a hospital a little over six mon...

  • Savage Marriage
    1.2M 50.3K 47

    Since being liberated from the Romans, the hatred has shifted towards the Highlanders of the North. Her father swore that not one of his children would marry a highlander nor bore his children. For fifteen years, Joanna had heard this. Being the oldest of four daughters, she was constantly reminded. But it comes as a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Adrianna's Dragon
    32.2K 1.8K 33

    Adrianna was the most notorious pickpocket and thief in the Imperial City. Her career ended when she was caught red handed. Vowing to change her life, she found a loving companion and was well on her way to establishing herself as a lady of quality. Then she saw the dragon egg, and brazenly stole it, hoping to free t...

  • The Dragon and His Rider
    221K 12K 37

    COMPLETED 760 pages total Betrothed to an evil prince, Kenreik, the crown prince to the Kingdom of Guerin, Jovena wishes to escape and be free. But, with maids knocking at her door every other second and expected to birth children for the prince after they marry, she cannot even leave her quarters. And, to make it eve...