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  • The King's Assassin #Wattys2016 #writher
    3.3M 119K 55

    Chosen when a child, Lady Kathryn is trained to be a ruthless killer. She is destined to be the English king's assassin and protector. Only he and the guild master are supposed to know. It's a life and death secret that must be kept. For an assassin survival is precarious. Life is something you simply cannot take for...

  • The Boy in the Woods (2014 Wattys Winner!)
    7.1M 252K 60

    A mysterious and poignant coming of age story set in the 1950's with the same classic feel as A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. A Wattys 2014 Talk of the Town Award winner and a Wattpad Featured story! A tragic accident takes Jess's parents - and everything else she's ever known. A cold and controlling uncle...

  • Historical Fiction - Best Reads
    1.9K 7 2

    Here you'll find the best reads in the category Historical Fiction. The newest best reads are always the first chapter. Each chapter contains: -Title of the Story -Author of the Story -Summary of the Story -Reviews of the story by various readers -Marks for the story by various readers (from 0, worst, to 10, best) ...