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  • The Aether Theif | Arah #1 | [ ON HIATUS ]
    716 65 7

    [ This story is temporarily on hiatus while I work on more chapters. Stay tuned! ] The Arah Chronicles : Book One In the vast elemental kingdom of Arah, everything about Ren's life was fairly ordinary. Her daily routine was simple: sell crops from her family farm, go to school, do her homework, and eat her vegetabl...

  • Necromancer For Hire- Arc 10
    1.4K 353 22

    Arc 10: A Snowball's Chance Just when things began to settle down for Silver Moon, they receive a notice from their boss Infinity- he has an important mission for them! Now tasked with investigating the death of a fellow guild leader, the team is stuck in a frigid guild in Alaska, where cabin fever doesn't seem to be...

  • Necromancer For Hire- Arc 9
    2.4K 558 29

    Arc 9: Thicker Than Water Permanently changed from his master's apprenticeship, Pilate finds himself with an entirely new life. Hawkins is just as confused, trying to adjust to his new job as a caretaker. The two don't have long to get settled in before Life gives them a new mission: find and interrogate a member of...

  • Necromancer For Hire- Arc 8
    4.5K 999 44

    Arc 8: The Necromancer's Apprentice When a family outing turns into a deadly situation, Matthew, Umbra, and Victor encounter a powerful new necromancer named Morena. Even stranger, she seems to have ties to Matthew's past! Victor's break from the exciting abruptly ends when Morena offers him an apprenticeship and he...

    Completed   Mature
  • World Eater
    95.7K 10.6K 99

    **1ST PLACE FEATURED IN HORROR 8-31** Alzar's mind wasn't the only thing that was falling apart. ---- After an emotional outburst lands him in the principal's office, Alzar Lorne forced into a series of in-depth sessions with the school's new counselor, Miss 'Fancy' Hastur. However, with each meeting, Alzar's anxieti...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Witchmaster's Guidebook
    423 62 11

    Upon finding a mysterious creature named Jaculus at his doorstop, Abiathar finds himself in the position of a parent.

  • Triquest [Wattys 2017]
    87 7 9

    One hero One villain Three quests One game When Ben's cousin Lana has to stay at his house for a week, they are at a loss for what to do. They end up buying a seemingly tacky game called Triquest for something to do. They weren't asking for what they got. Thrust into an unfamiliar world, Ben is forced to be a hero...

  • As Soon As Popular (discontinued-read description)
    2.8K 344 8

    (Now being rewritten as Milkshakes And Big Breaks) Sometimes, chasing your dreams can take you far away. In this case, Bridgit Thompson is already on her way out of this galaxy. She's ready to do anything in this whole world to be a popular, well known writer. One fateful day, she gets locked in the school library...

  • Broken Promise [Darkness Meets Light #1] (REWRITING IN PROGRESS)
    1.4K 149 31

    After the death of Queen Violet System, the third queen of LavaSheep Kingdom, who was shot and killed in the tragic month of October 2085, her three daughters, Princess Marina, Princess Yume, and Princess Toshiyo were thrown into a life of grief and fear as the competition for the crown and the title as the new queen...

  • Shadows
    551 82 14

    "With all who breathe but never speak, A danger will arise beyond this peak. A talon of power must hold the hand, Of those who have past ruled this land. But if the talon can not be held, The mountain will crumble and begin to melt," As a student of Jade Mountain, Storm, a young SkyWing, her only wish was to pass scho...

  • Octopus Lips
    2.1K 254 28

    (a soulmate story) Gwen Degray is pretty sure she has her life figured out. She gets decent grades, is excelling in the art of dance, and is popular at her high school. She was even lucky enough to find the guy on the other end of her red string, the string that connects all the soulmates in her town. He's everything...