• Love vs Lies
    28.8K 707

    Sex slave? True love? Enemies or Friends?

  • Love And Mindless Behavior
    48K 485

    Try imagining a fairy tale story that every girl wants to happen. Well this is one of them. Girls meet their dream boys and everything goes good. Everybody knows there has to be a twist on everything and there are plenty of those. Unexpections happen and the girls.....Well you'll have to read and find out This is my f...

  • Limited Edition (Roc Royal Love Story)
    380K 7.2K

    Why write a Bio and ruin the whole plot? Take a risk and read. Some say I'm a good writer. Find out for yourself tho!

  • Bum To Beauty; His New Love
    85.8K 1.9K

    "No one is Invincible, everyone has a weakness. Mines just happens to be the ones I love."-Chresanto August

  • My Keeper
    53.4K 1K

    Characters (Main) Roc and Robyn Other Characters Ray and Winter

  • Shamoni. [editing.] (Bahja x Chresanto)
    98.9K 2.4K

    This story follows a 17-year old girl named Bahja Shamoni Rodriguez. She goes through a lot for a girl her age. For instance, an abusive boyfriend that goes but the name of Chresanto or as he likes to be called Roc. People may look at her and think that her life is perfect but it the total opposite of that. Find out...

  • ' Shit How Did iFall In Love With My Step-Crush (; Aww Yea' ( Mindless Behavior Yn )
    46.8K 780

    - Love Triangle <3 , Step Mother A Very very Young One , Father a Very Very Very Old One , &&'d A Child Thats The Same Agee As The Mother .

  • Love and hate(mindless behavior)
    115K 2.7K

    Jessica hates her life.... Her Father died when she was 2, Her.mother comes home drunk and beats her no one likes her at.school and on top of it she's bullied by 4 boys....

  • Falling for the Bad Boy
    • tiqereyes
    • 26 Parts
    • Updated Feb 02, 2014 11:08PM
    6.2M 112K

    Your typical cliché story where the good girl falls in love with the bad boy but this story has a twist (;

  • Funny Roc Royal imagines
    43.5K 700

    Don't judge me lol these are a little different than your everyday Imagines

  • Blood, Love, and Trust (Mindless Behavior Vampire Princeton Love Story)
    42.3K 817

    A very shy girl named Tamie moves from warm Mississippi to cold Michigan. She didn’t know much about the town she is going to be staying at but she did know that she had to try to fit in. In her definition of fitting in you couldn’t be very noticable.

    Completed   Mature
  • After Dark: [TMAD] Roc Royal FANFICTION
    313K 6.1K

    Hello, Have You Ever Needed A Stress Releaver? Gone Crazy Over A Problem? Wanted Someone To Turn Your Scream Into A Moan? We Are The "After Darks" (Mindless Behavior) We Solve All Your Problems. With Our Sex Toys , Our Visit Wont Be The Last. We Work Hours 7-12am (After Dark) All Week! Call Or Email Us To Speak With...

  • My Sister's Babysitter (A Roc Royal Love Story)
    2.2M 33K

  • Mindless Blood Sucking Fangs (Mindless Behavior Vampire Love Story) *C0MPL3T3D!!
    323K 2.8K

    *Mindless Behavior Vampire Love Story..........No Copying!* Lets say you have best friends.Lets say..Um I dont know,,,Your a vampire.And you JUST SO HAPPEN to meet Mindless Behavior.Well,thats what happened to Alex,Ali,DeDe,and Cleo.There will be so much drama,you wont be able to keep up.Sorry but to know more,you ha...

  • The Roommate ~ A Roc Royal Love Story~
    793K 18.5K

    Three years after witnessing her boyfriend getting murder, Sincere Clark hasn't even thought of getting in to another relationship. But will that all change once she gets an very attractive roommate or will another gun shot end that too? © Copyrighted 2013, Princess_Tee.

  • Mindless Alpha (Roc Royal Luv Story)
    2K 45

    Hi My Name Is Kiara And Me And My Twin Sisters Are New To Town and Goin to Mindless Acadamy Theres Summin Off About These 4 Boyz But I Cant Put My Finger On It But I Will Find Out Soon

  • Not Us (A Mindless Behavior Kidnap Story)
    59.6K 1.4K

    two girls walking home get kidnapped by some boys that call themselves mindless behavior. they have some ups and downs. drama. good days bad days. im saying to much read and uncover the madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Love My Bully......NOT!!!!
    257K 5.9K

    Most girls be like "oh love my bully!!!" All I can think is bitch what the fuck is wrong with you?!?! YOUR BEING BULLIED!!!!! Now I am also being bullied but I don't love him and him is Jacob Perez or Princeton to most people. He's a complete douchbag. All the girls think he's cute well that's only cuz they're all thi...

  • Vampire Love (Roc Royal and MB love story)
    50.1K 1.3K

    Read this ishhhhh! I think you will like it. i will give you hints -Mindless Behavior -Vampires -Laziness -Maybe fights -Color changing eyes Please Read This Thank You!!

  • Number 47. - Roc Royal Love Story -
    39.3K 541

    "Neither slave nor nigger be." was the words every black men and women spoke on the year of July 1, 1928. It ain't matter if you was loyal to yo matsuh, it ain't matter if you was a house slave. Shoot, it ain't even matter if you was a cracker. You spoke them words with everybody else on July...

  • "The Foster Child"
    12.3K 191

    Hi. My name is Yn. I'm 17. I live in a foster home. My mom died while giving birth to me. My dad just ran out the hospital and never came back... So here I am. I have 3 other girls in my room. Amber, Tia, and Mari. I don't like Tia that much. We fought once over something small. She doesn't like me for some strange...

  • No Emotions ~ Roc Royal Love Story)
    • calihoenia
    • 22 Parts
    • Updated Apr 10, 2013 11:35PM
    699K 9.4K

    Nae's POV. I woke up, my body aching from the night before. I still remember it like the back of my hand. His arms crashing me into the wall against my own free will, my beautiful dress from the night before being torn in pieces. Fresh salty tears came to my eyes before I even realized it. In between my legs felt lik...

  • Sexperimenters
    10.8K 162

    "I've never really had sex before. So excuse me if I'm nervous." "You don't have to be we're friends. We're experimenting." He said as he loosened his tie. "Well then let's start off with the basics." I said while shimming out of my dress. "Sexperiment #1, fingering." He said while sitting me on the bathroom sink. "Le...

  • Training
    32.8K 548

    Kira has been taken from her home to be Prince Jacob's wife. She hates him. He is determined to show his new fiancee he's not all bad. WARNING VERY GRAPHIC!! FOR MATURE READERS ONLY! FYI Training is meant as in sex training, so yeah, don't be surprised... at anything. Enjoy :)

  • How To Love ( Roc Royal Love Story ) * EDITING *
    933K 17.2K

    Hey, I Am Yn. I Have Had A Rough Life. My Sister Moved Out With Her BoyFriend And I Haven't Seen Her Since. I Live In An Orphanage, & Was Told That I Would Be Moving To Live With A Lady And Her Son In Los Angeles. I Never Felt Loved.. The Question Is, Will I Ever Find My Sister ? Will I Ever Feel Loved ?

    Completed   Mature
  • abused love
    11.5K 268

    4 girls Thought they met the boys of their dreams when they were younger but when something tragic happens everything takes the turn for the worst. Will they make it or will they go their seperate ways?

  • Twisted MB Love Story. (Kidnappers)
    • ForeverSyd
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated Apr 01, 2014 10:07PM
    23.2K 487