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  • Marry Me, Will You?
    1.6K 83 6

    Will she say yes? Or run for the hills? This is a S+S Fanfiction and inspired from the movie Leap Year. I own neither and all credit goes to them. Also, this is in dialogue form seeing as I've never read any S+S fanfiction in this format.

  • A Series of Coincidences
    29 3 3

    If you always want to be right, you always need to be prepared for change.

  • Silence [RSDS]
    112K 3.5K 29

    A bunch of scribbles and dribbles inspired from Sir Rob's Storm and Silence series. The usual stuff inside: romance, danger, dramatics and a lot of cussing. [Formerly known as Raging Storms and Deadly Silence] • • • I do not own Storm and Silence, it is from Sir Rob Thier, I'm simply inspired from his works and deci...